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KNX Data Points

To import the KNX data points from an KNX project, you first have to save the project data in ETS in OPC


To do this, you access ETS and select "File/Data exchange (for example, OPC)". In the selection window

that opens, select "Export to OPC server".

You can then load this data in the configuration tool by selecting "File/Import ETS-OPC" in the configuration


When you select the "KNX data points" module, all imported KNX objects are displayed in a window.

The imported data points are listed in the section on the left, and the existing data points are shown on

the right. Select the objects in the left-hand section individually. They are then inserted directly at the

first free location on the right. The selected objects receive a tick mark in the corresponding tick box in

the right-hand section so that they are not inserted twice.

To identify the individual data points more clearly, the "Individual addresses" are also displayed.

| You can add individual objects at any time. This is a requirement particularly when you want to

change the group address or Data type of building function properties. In such a case you must first

make these changes in ETS in the KNX project. The modified project is then re-imported as ETS-

OPC, and the changed data points are inserted individually under KNX data points on the left-hand



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