IC 1 Konfigurator merten@home


IC 1 Konfigurator merten@home

IC1 configurator merten@home.

Configuring the merten@home Display

You can define the structure of your merten@home display in the project tree.

The objects will be displayed in merten@home in the same way in which you arranged them.

You also define the building functions that you want to be available in merten@home as well as their

appearance on the display.

If you want to create new building functions for an KNX project, you first must import the KNX/IC 1 elements

from ETS. To import the ETS data, select "File/Import ETS-OPC" and then "knx data points".

You can then assign the imported data to the KNX/IC 1 elements area.

The basic structure has been pre-defined. The top-level items (floors, rooms, functions, programs and

favourites) and the functions level (heating, lighting, blinds, ...) cannot be changed. In the other groups,

you can add, rename and delete any number of nodes as well as change their order.

Select and right-click an item to display the options available.

When you select a node, its building functions are displayed in the centre section, provided that nodes

have already been created.

To insert new building functions, simply drag and drop them from the KNX/IC 1 elements using the

mouse. When you drag an object from the centre section, this object is removed.

When you select a building function or an KNX/IC 1 element, the associated properties are displayed in

the bottom section of the screen. Here you can define the required settings (modify the description,

select an icon to be displayed and so on).

| Infos for integration of cameras:

You can integrate cameras, to view their JPEG-pictures (single pictures no video) over the merten@home.

At the IC1 the cameras are connected directly to the designeated connetions of the

IC1-device. The IC1-V2 can load pictures over the network. These cameras must be part of the same

logical network as the IC1-V2 (adress in image-URL without „http.//“ o. s.e.).

For example the adress in the field image-URL for a Panasonic BC10-camera: „

SnapshotJPEG?Resolution=640x480&Quality=Precision“. You will find the necessary infos for resolution,

picture size etc. inside the documentation of the IP-camera you use.

The used cameras must provide single JPEG-pictures to the network. The IC1-V2 load these pictures

from the storage/directory of the camera and saves them in the IC1-V2-internal memory by the

way of the settigs. MPEG video-streams can not be used.

| Settings will be applied/changed after selecting the button „Apply“!

| To avoid presentation failures in the web site that could be produced by the Merten@Home Confi-

gurator we recommend that you should refrain from using special characters in descriptions and

text insertions. For example:

-Semicolon ";"

-Apostrophe "´"

-Exclamation mark "|"

-Colon ":"

Depending to the kind of display the names for Objects must have max. 20 characters and names

for groups max. 10 characters.

The configuration program helps you to specify the necessary settings. For example, you are only allowed

to select icons that are useful for the respective KNX object.

Also, the group addresses are taken from the ETS import data.


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