IC 1 Konfigurator merten@home


IC 1 Konfigurator merten@home

IC1 configurator merten@home.

Linked devices

Using IC 1 Internet Controller, you can set up Internet access to up to 32 LAN devices with only one

telephone connection. The LAN network devices are linked, and need not be permanently connected

to the Internet. Web access is established via the Domoport Internet portal. If you are connected with

an IC 1 Internet Controller via your Domoport user account, you can access all networked devices via

this device. Linked devices can be other IC 1 Internet Controller, as well as foreign devices with integrated

web servers, such as webcams.

Configuration of linked devices

By acting as a gateway, the IC 1 Internet Controller enables you to externally access up to 32 devices

in the LAN via a single Internet connection. On Domoport, the web access for the IC 1 Internet Controller

is set up. You use the gateway of this device that has an Internet connection to set up access to the

downstream linked devices.

On the downstream devices no user account configuration is required, since the rights of the current

user (administrator, user or viewer) are forwarded from device to device whenever access takes place.

To link an IC 1 Internet Controller and other LAN devices:

1. Click the module „Linked Devices“.

2. Type in a name for this linked device.

| If you link devices the IC 1 Internet Controller add the menue-point Select device to the navigation

pane. Connecting to the linked device is with a click on the linked device name.

3. Enter the local (internal) IP address of the linked device in the Local IP address box. You can use the

IP address to set up reach-through access to additional devices in the LAN.

4. Click OK.

| If the linked device is another IC 1 Internet Controller, merten@home must be installed and confi-

gured on this IC 1 Internet Controller. The base-IC 1 Internet Controller will then open the merten@home-Homepage

of the linked IC 1 Internet Controller in a new browser window.


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