IC 1 Konfigurator merten@home


IC 1 Konfigurator merten@home

IC1 configurator merten@home.

To edit a macro:

1. Select a macro in the Devicemakros list.

2. The IC 1 Internet Controller displays the macro in the script editor.

3. Drag a macro function with the mouse and drop it into a function box.

| You can start at any of the function boxes; it does not matter which box is programmed is first. However,

do make sure to keep sufficient space to the right (and perhaps also upwards) such that all

of the script macro functions can be implemented.

4. Repeat these basic steps for each macro function of the script.

5. Click Confirm. The macro is saved.

| Interactive function help: When you move the mouse cursor over a macro function, a brief descrip-

tion of the function appears in the Interactive function help box.


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