Special Cup Conzept


Mehrwegbecherprogramm auf höchsten Standart zu erschwinglichen Preisen.


Unbreakables: made with materials resistant to

impact and wear.

Eco-compatible: reusable, replacing the paper

cups. Dishwasher safe.

Design: The design is perfectly cured to replace

the glasses, preserving beauty and elegance.

Safe: being unbreakable, they ensure safety in

crowded environments such as discos, swimming

pools, beaches and all outdoors. Furthermore,

because the stemmed glasses are made of a

single piece and do not consist of several pieces

assembled, are further safe, because they do not

have points susceptible to breakage.

Stackable: to save space during the service and

the transportation.

Quality: the glasses are made with top quality

materials and certified origin.

Customizable: With silk-screen/pad printing from

1 to 6 colours for minimum 500 pcs. The colour of

material can be customized from minimum 3.000


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