Rote Liste der gefährdeten Arten der Schweiz: Heuschrecken

Rote Liste der gefährdeten Arten der Schweiz: Heuschrecken

Summary 11

> Summary

The 2007 Red List of threatened Orthoptera of Switzerland was prepared on the basis

of the criteria and categories proposed by the IUCN (2001, 2003). The method used for

assigning species to threat categories is also an adaptation of the IUCN method (2003).

Of the 105 Swiss species assessed, 19 (18,6 %) are near threatened (NT) while 40

(39,2 %) are threatened and therefore included in the Red List. Of these 40 species, 3

are extinct in Switzerland (RE), 10 are critically endangered (CR), 8 are endangered

(EN) and 19 are vulnerable (VU). The species most at risk are those found on gravel

banks of alluvial zones and in fenlands and raised bogs; these are followed by the

somewhat less severely threatened dry grassland species.

This new version of the Red List supersedes that published in 1994 (Nadig & Thorens

in Duelli 1994) and is based on different criteria. This explains the significant differences

concerning in particular the proportion of species assigned to the lowest threat


In addition, thanks to an improvement in our knowledge of orthopteran fauna of Switzerland,

it was possible to remove certain species from the Red List, as the populations

in question were larger and more stable than had been assumed in 1994. At the same

time, comparison of the two lists also gives grounds for concern: there has been a

further deterioration in the position of a number of species that were already severely

threatened in 1994.

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