3. fohlenauktion - Hengststation Ahlmann


3. fohlenauktion - Hengststation Ahlmann


moment of knockdown. All additional declarations by the veterinarian or

representatives of the organizer, whether written or verbal, do not lead to


II. Hell Stallion Stud GmbH and Dirk Ahlmann are liable for intention and

gross negligence of its organs, representatives, and assistants.

All other liability is excluded apart from

1) violation of life, body, or health of the purchaser

2) a guilefully concealing of a deficiency or an intended violation of fundamental

contractual duties.

This exclusion applies to indemnity besides service or instead of service, as

well as to claims for replacement of futile costs. Claims for damages do not

include the costs for transportation back from abroad. Demands regarding

post-fulfilment are not included. Performance already effected by the organizer

has to be paid, respectively will not be reimbursed.

III. Limitation regarding demands for deficiencies or other damage from the

moment of transition of danger is as follows:

- 2 (two) years for the purchaser being a consumer (§ 13 BGB)

- 1 (one) year for the purchaser being an employer (§ 14 BGB)

if not intention or guilefully concealing of a deficiency, violation of life, body

or health of the purchaser or a violation of duty caused throught gross negligence,

or an intended violation of essential contractual duties is obvious.

IV. Place of jurisdiction is Itzehoe.


For all the horses to be put up for the auction Hell Stallion Stud GmbH and

Stall Ahlmann have agreed upon an obligatory insurance with the Vereinigte

Tierversicherung (VTV) on the following terms:

1. Insurance cover starts with the knock-down

2. Insurance cover of the foal ends after 8 weeks, whereas the insurance

amount corresponds to the amount due

3. The transport of the horses up to the first buyer´s stable is included during

the respective time of insurance cover

4. The indemnity to be granted is 80% from the respective insurance amount

(up to maximum €25.000,00) less possible realisation proceeds. In the

case of damage Hell Stallion Stud GmbH, Stall Ahlmann and the insurance

company have to be informed without delay.

5. For further information: VTV´s actually valid insurance conditions and

please call Mr. Alexander Kuschel (VTV) +49.171.778 41 47.

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