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I am pleased to be part of your fine

organization and am honoured to be

the Pate from the Real Schule in Haltern

am See. Iamthe only Holocaust

survivor from Haltern but in spite of

the pain that I carried with me from

childhood and all the years that

followed it was only possible for me

to accept a visit to my place of birth

when students extended an invitation

to me. After meeting with them

and speaking to them Icame to realize

that the pain I felt was not one sided.

Ican not express my satisfaction

and pleasure about the many projects

and good will this Schule has given

to me over the past Years.

Alexander Lebenstein war Pate der

Städtischen Realschule Haltern, die

nach ihm benannt ist (geb. 1927 in

Haltern, gest. 2010 Richmond/USA).

Oben: SchülerInnen im Ort der Informationen

unter dem Holocaust

Mahnmal in Berlin.Foto:: Metin Yilmaz

Unten: Schülerinnen der Manfredvon-Ardenne-Schule

Foto: Aris Papadopoulos

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