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Respondents are not liable to impulsive purchases of these types of goods, which show that they make a

meticulous choice, and they are not oriented only to convenience when buying cosmetic and perfumery


The research has established those characteristics which are the leading factors of the choice of cosmetic

products (face creams) for Bulgarian respondents. Validated was the fact that additional properties (such as

“prestige”) rather than real benefits are dominant in these types of products. The leading characteristics in the

choice of the interviewed people are the properties sought and the properties of experience. The comparatively

lower relative share of the properties of trust can be explained also by the fact that there are many low quality

goods or goods on the market with an unfavourable image by producers of cosmetic and perfumery products

during this difficult period of the economic development of the country.

The obtained results support the hypothesis that the leading factors, which influence the choice of trademark

in perfumery and cosmetic products, are psychographic rather than economic.

The trademark values perceived by Bulgarian consumers may be used by the producers in this industry for a

long-term trademark management on the market. This will allow a structured access to the values of

consumers, the trademark values as well as to establish the correlation between them (i.e. value resonance).

* Vaska Dimitrowa, University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy Department of Economics and Industrial Management,

Studentski grad, bul. Kliment Ochridski 8, Sofia 1100, Bulgaria, Tel.: (+359 2) 512956, Fax: (+359 2) 96293903 E-mail:

** Elka Vassileva, University of National and World Economy Department of Commodity Sciences, Studentski grad, Sofia 1100,

Bulgaria, Tel.: (+359 2) 8 622979, Fax: (+359 2) 96293903



Lidia OSTASZ * , Bronislaw BUCZEK ** , Elzbieta KONDRATOWICZ PIETRUSZKA **

Keywords: durability of oils, flavour, peroxide value, kinetic analysis.


The structure of fat consumption indicates that people consume more vegetable oils than animal oils; the

former ones are now commonly used in modern households. First of all, raw edible oils are directly consumed,

they are also added to raw salads, boiled food, as well as to fry, cook and roast food.

With regards to health, it is very important how vegetable oils are used in preparing meals at high

temperatures because they undergo oxidation processes. During the oxidation, oils decompose, and the

decomposed products dramatically reduce the nourishing quality of oils. If heated for a long time, the

organoleptic properties of oils deteriorate, and, as the first reaction their flavor becomes worse.

The main objective of our research was to evaluate the durability of three selected vegetable oils used in

heat treatment and frying processes.


The commercially obtained refined oils of soybean, sunflower, and rape constituted the main subject of the

investigations. To evaluate changes in the quality of the above named oils, changes in peroxide value and in

their flavor were considered and studied. The peroxide value and the flavor were determined on the base of the

ISO Standards. The peroxide value was determined using an iodometric method. A special ‘sensory’ team

assessed the flavor. The purpose of the analysis were oil samples heated at 90 0 C, 120 0 C, 140 0 C, and samples

used for frying potato chips at 170 0 C.

Results and discussion

Experimental data achieved are shown as functions of a peroxide value and time (Fig.1). Curves marked as

a were obtained for oils heated at 90 0 C. They have two inflexion points Lpa1 and Lpa2. Up to these points, the

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