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A small health Unit:

Having a vision to begin a hospital by the help of God, we

have decided to start by building a small building of three

rooms and stocking some medicines opened to our

neighbours,the Bafut community, guest who come in, for our

own use etc.

Our two nurses help to manage the place when they return

from hospital and other sisters are being introduced to it.

The building and the medicines were also blessed on this

same day.





This was cultivated 3 years ago and is now

yielding for our consumption.

We also offer to needy people sometimes and

would bring some to the market as it increases.

This also was blessed on the same day.

A New chimney has also been built consisting 0f

6 burners, 2 ovens and a hot water heater.

This too was blessed on the same day and is

being used for our cookink etc.

Water Point:

The Solar Panels:

These are now in use and

very helpful especially when

there is blackouts from the

external supply of energy.

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