download des Buches als PDF (2,5 MB - FDCL

download des Buches als PDF (2,5 MB - FDCL


Der Neue Extraktivismus

Council of the European Union (2011): Conclusions on tackling the challenges

on raw materials and in commodity markets;

cms_data/docs/pressdata/en/intm/119744.pdf (Zugriff : 15.01.2012).

Curtis, John (2010): Th e new resource grab: How EU trade policy on raw

materials is undermining development; Hrsg. von: Oxfam Deutschland, Weed,

Traidcraft Exchange, AITEC und Comhlámh,

uploads/the_new_ressource_grab.pdf (Zugriff : 15.01.2012).

European Commission (2008): Th e Raw Materials Initiative-Meeting

- our critical needs for growth and jobs in Europe; htt p://

LexUriServ/ (Zugriff :


European Commission (2009): Raw materials policy 2009 annual report;

htt p://

(Zugriff : 15.01.2012).

European Commission (2010): Critical raw materials for the EU; Report

of the ad-hoc-working Group on defi ning critical raw, htt p://ec.europa.

eu/enterprise/policies/raw-materials/fi les/docs/report-b_en.pdf (Zugriff :


European Commission (2011): Tackling the Challenges in Commodity

Markets and on Raw Materials; htt p://

les/docs/communication_en.pdf (Zugriff : 15.01.2012).

European Parliament (2011): Resolution of 13 September 2011 on an eff ective

raw materials strategy for Europe;


0288 (Zugriff : 15.01.2012).

Friends of the Earth Europe (2009): Overconsumption? Our use of the

world’s natural resources;

Overconsumption_Sep09.pdf (Zugriff : 15.01.2012).

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