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Five reasons for Push-to-Talk over Cellular in hazardous areas

Five reasons for Push-to-Talk over Cellular in hazardous

Type: Tips / Advice Category: Computer | Information | Telecommunications Five reasons for Push-to-Talk over Cellular in hazardous areas Assamstadt, 17.02.2017: At a time when keywords such as 'Internet of Things' (IoT) and 'digital transformation' are being talked about frequently, many companies are unsure of the steps they need to take on this new road. This is especially the case amongst businesses that have hazardous areas and are under increasing pressure to improve operational efficiency without compromising safety. One application that can provide a direct benefit is called Push-to-Talk over Cellular ( (PoC or PTToC). With the latest products, the explosion-proof 4G / LTE-capable Android smartphone Smart-Ex® 01, the world´s first Zone 1 / 21 and Division 1 certified tablet Tab-Ex® 01 and the intrinsically safe featurephone Ex-Handy 09, ecom ( enables a variety of well tested and partnered PoC applications for use in hazardous areas for the very first time. PTToC provides several key real-use benefits to companies and workers in hazardous work environments around the world. 1. Secure and fast communications at any time, in any place Push-to-Talk applications support group calls, messages, individual calls and a lot more features. However, traditionally conducted over Land Mobile Radio (LMR) networks, the instant walkie talkie-style communication is limited to a specific area. As wireless technologies such as LTE, WLAN, and WWAN become more and more available in hazardous areas, Push-to-Talk over Cellular is gaining momentum as a cost-effective and feature-rich alternative to existing Land Mobile Radio installations. This is particularly true within hazardous areas where instant one-to-one, one-to-many communication and their backend systems are essential for employee productivity, safety and operational efficiency. By standard the Smart-Ex® 01 and Tab-Ex® 01 is equipped with the latest wireless communications technologies. It enables the usage of PTT over LTE and WiFi networks, which means expansive coverage in every area and situation, much lower network latency, excellent data transmission rates and the best speech quality. The ecom mobile devices can also be interconnected with existing radio infrastructure such as LMR, Tetra or DMR. 2. Reduced costs and increased productivity With Push-to-Talk over Cellular mobile workers can now carry only one device, while earlier they had to carry two - their explosion-proof mobile device and i.e. a handheld radio. Communication via PTT over an existing radio infrastructure will still be possible. An All-in-One solution not only reduces businesses" hardware costs but also increases the

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