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Five reasons for Push-to-Talk over Cellular in hazardous areas

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efficiency and productivity of workers in the field. The Tab-Ex® 01, leveraging Samsung´s know-how, and the Smart-Ex® 01 for example can support multiple mobile worker roles performing a range of applications, including Asset Surveys, Material Tracking, Operator Rounds, Inspection and Maintenance. Thus, providing a PTT capable mobile device for virtually any type of worker and work in potentially dangerous environments, and at a fraction of the cost when compared to LMR and certified handheld radios for use in hazardous areas. Companies can now arm their workers with mobile devices that are not only built to withstand occupational hazards but also provide a dedicated side button for one-touch access to PTT services, such as the yellow PTT button and the red emergency button on the Tab-Ex® 01, Smart-Ex® 01 and Ex-Handy 09. 3. Providing more functionality to the user PTT over Cellular extends communications beyond the single function of voice to include data, video and connectivity with backend systems. By giving each user the full complement of PTT accessories like intrinsically safe hearing protection headsets for a clear connection and a mobile device to capture information, the quality and accuracy of data can be significantly improved. Optional built-in rear and front cameras for the Smart-Ex® 01 and Tab-Ex® 01 allow equipment defects to be captured at the point of inspection or while maintenance work is executed. Analysts can interpret the data in real-time and they can then make immediate decisions on whether an asset or a process needs to be adjusted. This has huge benefits for businesses as it means more information can be made immediately available, avoiding the need for a specialist to visit the site or offshore platform in person. PTT over Cellular simplifies, modernizes and accelerates communication and collaboration between mobile workers, experts at the control center and backend systems - giving companies a much greater insight into their operations and the way they carry out work. 4. Improving the overall safety of operations The less time workers need to spend offshore on a rig or on a plant, the less they are exposed to hazardous areas, where dust, flammable vapors, mists and gases potentially exist. With PoC applications it is now possible to notify team leaders in real-time about plant changes and abnormalities, providing real-time information and support while working in remote locations. Having a device that is capable of transmitting GPS data via PTT also provides a huge upgrade for workforce safety. It puts mobile workers" mind at piece, because they know in case of an accident they can be located and retrieved the fastest way possible via Lone Worker Protection (LWP). This significantly reduces the workers exposure to risks, improving the overall safety of operations. 5. Enhanced security & Enterprise Mobility Management PTT devices can be highly customized, making it possible to set up devices so that the employee only has access to the applications he needs for his work tasks and is legitimized to use. This ensures the integrity of the companies" data environment and simplifies the user experience. Furthermore, to ensure the current safety standards, it is advisable to work with the latest operating system. As mobile devices using the Android? operating system are introduced to potentially dangerous work environments, professional Push-to-Talk solutions can now be employed in hazardous areas, using E2E encryption for secure data transfer and system access. To help companies benefit from all the advanced features of ecom"s mobile devices and Push-to-Talk over Cellular the ecom App Library ( portrays powerful PTT apps to grant a full-featured All-In-One solution. ecom ist heute international eine der ersten Adressen für ganzheitliche Lösungen rund um mobile Geräte zum Einsatz in explosionsgefährdeten Bereichen, sei es in der chemischen und petrochemischen Industrie, in der Pharmazie, in der Erdöl- und Erdgasförderung, im Bergbau sowie Energie und Umwelt.

Seit über 30 Jahren setzt ecom in diesem Bereich Maßstäbe und verfügt heute über ein umfassendes Know-how im Explosionsschutz für den täglichen industriellen Einsatz in explosionsgefährdeten Bereichen auf der ganzen Welt. Seit 2017 ist ecom Teil der Pepperl+Fuchs Group, ein weltweit führendes Unternehmen im elektrischen Explosionsschutz und der Sensorik. In den vier Kerndisziplinen Mobile Computing, Kommunikation, Mess- und Kalibriertechnik sowie Handlampen bietet ecom praxisbewährte Lösungen, die auf robuster, zuverlässiger und explosionsgeschützter mobiler Hardware, passenden state-of-the-art Produkten (Tablet, Smartphone, PDA etc.) und Peripheriegeräten, intelligenter Software und Applikationen sowie weltweitem Support mit Service-Zentren in Deutschland, den USA, Singapur und den Vereinigten Arabischen Emirate, basieren. Company-Contact ecom instruments Christian Uhl Industriestr. 2 97959 Assamstadt Phone: +49 (0) 6294 4224 0 E-Mail: Url: Press Schwartz Public Relations Tobias Frühauf Sendlinger Straße 42A 80331 München Phone: +49 (0)89-211 871-31 E-Mail: Url: shared with PR-Gateway

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