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VIETNAM INTERVIEW 45 years of Vietnamese- Austrian friendship The year 2017 marked the 45th year anniversary of the diplomatic relations between Austria and Vietnam. SOCIETY spoke with Ambassador H.E. Vu Viet Anh about this friendship, his love for Vienna and the trade exchange between both countries. In November 2014, your post as ambassador brought you to Austria – how have your experiences been so far? I am honoured to be appointed as Ambassador of Vietnam to Austria and Permanent Representative of Vietnam to the IAEA and other international organizations in Vienna. As one of the world’s top cities with lively diplomatic activities and host city to hundreds of foreign missions, Vienna is the centre of leading diplomats with diversified and interesting professional lives. The most important task of a diplomat is to maximize his/her national interests by bilateral and multilateral diplomatic activities. A diplomat’s life is eventful with exchanges, meetings and receptions. To some, such a life would be boring. To me however, it is a great opportunity brought to me by Vienna. Why? Because thanks to those activities, I earn knowledge, experience and make new friends, those who share with me a desire in promoting the Vietnamese-Austrian friendship, as well as developing a relationship between Vietnam and other countries. What are the most important achievements that you have made so far? My prevalent priority is to bring the Vietnamese-Austrian relationship to a sustainable and comprehensive level, being intensive and effective, especially in the field of trade and economic cooperation. I am contented to note that over the past 3 years, the Vietnamese-Austrian trade relationship has leaped outstandingly with an annual average rise of 15 percent, from 2.1 billion USD in 2013 to 3 billion in 2016. Furthermore, the year 2017 marks the 45th anniversary of the establishment of the diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Austria. We have cooperated with relevant Vietnamese agencies and Austrian authorities to organize the Vietnam »Though being one of the first Western countries to establish diplomatic relations with Vietnam, Austria‘s investment to Vietnam is still modest (...) « Vu Viet Anh Culture Day event at the Vienna Rathaus from 3rd to 6th July this year. Through the traditional art and music performance, namely “Colours of Vietnam” and the photo exhibition “Vietnam – the World’s destination in 2017”, organized within the framework of the Vietnamese Culture Day, Austrian and international friends have opportunities to further understand Vietnam’s history, culture, art and landscape. In your previous posts you served as Attaché at the Vietnamese missions in the United States of America and Russia, how would you describe the differences of everyday life of a diplomat? A diplomat’s life is to spend years of being away from the homeland with the willingness to adapt to different cultures, codes of conduct and working methods. However, no matter where he is posted, the task of establishing and developing the relationship between Vietnam and the host country remains unchanged. Nevertheless, while Moscow and Washington are areas where I needed to focus on promoting bilateral relationships, Vienna is different with its own characteristics. In addition to advancing the Vietnamese-Austrian relationship, I am the Permanent Representative of Vietnam to the United Nations, IAEA and other international organizations in Vienna. Having both to undertake bilateral diplomatic task and participate in multilateral mechanism, life of a diplomat in Vienna is very busy, somewhat challenging. However, this is also a good opportunity for him/her to perform his/her best capacity and knowledge in serving his/her nation’s interests. What can you tell us about the tradition of bilateral relationship between Austria and Vietnam? In 1972, when the war in Vietnam was still going on, Austria was among the first Western countries to establish diplomatic relations with ➢ Fotos: society/pobaschnig 38 | SOCIETY 2_2017

VIETNAM INTERVIEW »My prevalent priority is to bring the Vietnamese-Austrian relationship to a s ustainable and comprehensive level (...) « SOCIETY 2_2017 | 39

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