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Heinz-Gerhard Wente,

Heinz-Gerhard Wente, Executive Board member and director of labor relations, responsible for the ContiTech division and for Corporate Human Resources, in a wind turbine park and at the Senior Executives Convention in Prague, Czech Republic. Nikolai Setzer, Executive Board member, responsible for the Passenger and Light Truck Tires division, at the launch of the new high-speed ContiSportContact TM 5 P tire in Portimão, Portugal. Left to right: Wolfgang Schäfer Finance, Controlling, IT and Law Helmut Matschi Interior Division Heinz-Gerhard Wente ContiTech Division Human Resources, Director of Labor Relations José A. Avila Powertrain Division Dr. Hans-Joachim Nikolin Commercial Vehicle Tires Division Corporate Purchasing Dr. Elmar Degenhart Chairman of the Executive Board Corporate Communications Corporate Quality and Environment Nikolai Setzer Passenger and Light Truck Tires Division Dr. Ralf Cramer Chassis & Safety Division Renewable Material of the Future. Brand, Market and Opportunities. At ContiTech, we seek answers to the economic and social questions posed by the future – and we find them. The qual- our expertise in materials and technology matches up perfectly with the needs of society. Robust bearing components for cost- We have been developing and producing tires for cars since 1898. Today, Continental is the best known tire brand in Germany, of forces and tracking precision are among the main demands on our products, in addition to optimum mileage performance. ity of people’s lives as well as the idea of protecting nature and the environment guide us in our pursuits. That is why we efficient wind turbines or conveyor belts for the climate-friendly transportation of raw materials are just two examples. As an and we are the market leader for OE tires in Europe. For more than 100 years, technological know-how and innovative prowess Out standing customer satisfaction and a multitude of victories in international tire tests confirm time and again: Continental is a develop products from the renewable material of the future: experienced partner to the automotive industry, we are also have been a part of the company’s DNA. We are spurred on premium class tire with a special focus on features to maximize rubber. Furthermore, we lead the field in plastics technology. working on innovations for sustainable mobility, creating techni- by our relentless desire to further develop the tire. Knowledge driving safety. Each and every day, our success continues to In many key industries, our actions have a positive effect cal solutions with which clever ideas and forward-looking con- transfer within the corporation links high-tech brake systems substantiate the positive features of our brand – and thus also on the environment, since when it comes to sustainability, cepts for upcoming vehicle generations can be realized. ex pertise with tire development, as the maximum transmission our position in the global market. berichtsjahr 2009: das ganze ist mehr als die summe seiner teile – die conti ist mehr als die addition ihrer divisionen. diese tatsache liegt im fokus des wie ein journalistisches magazin gestalteten vorspanns. 96

For Our Shareholders | Members of the Executive Board Members of the Executive Board | For Our Shareholders From left: José A. Avila born in 1955 in Bogotá, Columbia Powertrain Division appointed until December 2014 Dr. Ralf Cramer born in 1966 in Ludwigshafen, Germany Chassis & Safety Division appointed until August 2012 Nikolai Setzer born in 1971 in Groß-Gerau, Germany Passenger and Light Truck Tires Division appointed until August 2012 Helmut Matschi born in 1963 in Viechtach, Germany Interior Division appointed until August 2012 Dr. Hans-Joachim Nikolin born in 1956 in Eschweiler, Germany Commercial Vehicle Tires Division Purchasing appointed until May 2014 Wolfgang Schäfer born in 1959 in Hagen, Germany Finance, Controlling, IT and Law appointed until December 2014 Dr. Elmar Degenhart born in 1959 in Dossenheim, Germany Chairman of the Executive Board Corporate Communications Corporate Quality and Environment appointed until August 2014 Heinz-Gerhard Wente born in 1951 in Nettelrede, Germany ContiTech Division Human Resources, Director of Labor Relations appointed until May 2012 4 5 Trust is always founded on the idea of mutuality and is a basic requirement for a functioning community. In order to develop trust, one needs security. Trust means being able to assume that developments will follow a positive or anticipated path and need not be continuously monitored. The notion of trust also implies that one has recourse to alternative actions. Indeed, this is the most important difference between trust and hope. Trust is not merely anticipation; trust is an overall concept. But how is trust created and – once you have it – how do you retain it? What does trust mean for us in our daily interaction with other people and companies? And most importantly: What does it mean for us at a personal level and in our day-to-day work? At Continental, we engage with these questions every day in dealings with our stakeholders. That is because our customers and employees, our investors and suppliers, our other business partners as well as persons living near our plants all trust in us, just as we do in them. Therefore, trust is the most important source of added value. Trust in one’s own capabilities The willingness of our employees to pursue lifelong learning and to continuously develop themselves is the basic requirement for many innovations and projects. Retaining a sense of curiosity and preparing for the future today are essential in terms of securing the longterm existence of a company. Two of our projects are good examples. Firstly, the successful program for demographic change: In this project, we are offering targeted qualifications for older colleagues, motivating employees for a longer career and creating an optimum framework through a process of continuous improvement to workplace ergonomics. We also offer special workshops and seminars for our managerial staff because it is they who exert a critical influence on the working environment and working atmosphere. These workshops cover topics such as learning, coping with stress, mental illness or how to handle restructuring. Trust in oneself Pursuing the goal of lifelong learning means continuously putting oneself to the test and acquiring new This program is based on a partnership between the The second example is the Continental Universities: experiences in the process. It involves embarking on company and local colleges and universities – for example, in Mexico, the Philippines, in Romania or the a voyage of discovery and development – of oneself and one’s own potential. On this basis, we can learn U.S. – that gives employees access to higher education. Our concept, which we have been expanding to trust our own capabilities – to have self-confidence. Lifelong learning also means finding one’s limitations, continuously since 2005, forms part of a global strategy that focuses on lifelong learning and promotes so one can recognize them and then surpass them. This applies equally to individuals as it does to a company. We are continuously working to expand our employee training. horizon of experience, to increase our knowledge and The self-confidence of our employees, their desire for to create the foundation for innovation and technical successful learning and supportive frameworks are the solutions at the highest level. basis for ideas, innovation and success. berichtsjahr 2010: „vertrauen ist der anfang von allem“ wusste die deutsche bank schon anfang der 1990er jahre. auch für conti ist das thema vertrauen essentiell und deshalb das oberthema der einleitung. 97

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