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14 PER ARDUA AD ASTRA ICELAND 3016 3016 F 172-174 6 € 1.500 Balbo Squadron Flight Rome - Chicago, registered card from Iceland franked with set "Hópflug Italia 1933" from Reykjavik 1933- 07-07 to NewYork with arrival cachet 07-22 on the backside, splendid item, certified Bolaffi (Longhi 33SFe) ITALY 3017 3017 F 6 € 1.000 First Italian Airmail Datestamp "Stazione Aerea/Esp. Torino 31..98" on the occasion of the General Italian Exhibition, postcard showing the Godard Balloon over the exhibition ground, handwritten note "31 luglio 1898 Domenica 19 ore", very rare item in outstanding quality, certified Bolaffi (Longhi 98AAa)

PER ARDUA AD ASTRA 15 3018 3018 F 6 € 500 Polar Flight of the dirigible "Norge", flown on the entire trip to Teller, Alaska, flight vignette tied to flown cover by the oval flight cachet, this has two Italian adhesives tied by the "Teller/Alaska/May 13, 1926" four-bar c.d.s. that was applied on the front of all covers that made the entire trip, this also has a scarce boxed cachet for the flight and is signed by Ettore Arduino, very fine and rare cover (only 35 known), certified Bolaffi 3019 F 361 ** € 300 7,70 L Balbo Squadron Flight mint n.h., perfect condition, signed and certified Bolaffi (Sass. PA 25) 3019 3020 3020 F 361 6 € 600 Balbo Squadron Flight Italy - Brasil, "PRIMO VOLO TRANSATLANTICO IN FORMAZIONE DI STORMO", cover from Rome 1930-12- 15 addressed to Rio de Janeiro 1931-01-22 and signed by 19 pilots (without Gen. Balbo) franked with airmail stamp 7,70 blue, certified Bolaffi (Longhi 30VAb, Sass. GP25a)