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158 PER ARDUA AD ASTRA 3739 F € 800 Illustration and text on the right page 3742 F USSR Mi. 31A € 500 1962, USSR - stamp to honour the first four cosmonauts, perforated type of the supposedly largest stamp in the world; with signatures of the 4 cosmonauts Y. GAGARIN, V. TITOV, A. NIKOLAYEV & P. POPVICH & cancellation; slight crease left side 3740 3740 F Ras Al Khaima Mi. M10 ** € 150 1961, RAS AL KHAIMA - miniature sheet showing the first four American astronauts on separate stamps (Shepard, Grissom, Glenn, Cooper); with original signature of Alan SHEPARD, the first Amerikan in space with MERCURY-Redstone 3 on the 5th of May, 1961. Publishes 20.11.1966, m.n.h., Superb 3741 F 6 € 800 Illustration and Text on the right page ex 3743 3743 F 6 € 400 1961/63 RUSSIA/VOSTOK 1 & 6 - Two autographs of the first humans in space with an accompanying official letter: Autographs of Jurij Alekseevic GAGARIN as the first man in space on his flight on the 12th of April, 1961 (Vostok 1) and of Valentina Vladimirovna TERESKOVA as the first female in space on her flight on the 16th of June, 1963 (Vostok 6).The autographs date were issued in October, 1963 as Mlle Claudine Falk required them from the USSR - and the Press Office of the Ambassador of the USSR in France sent both autographs accompanied by an official letter in french. This contemporary official letter and the Certificate of Authenticity from Bolaffi both guarantee for the origin of the autographs 3742 3744 3744 F 6 € 1.000 1961, USSR - THE FIRST SIX RUSSIAN COSMONAUTS; six covers of the first six russian cosmonauts, each with corresponding stamp and original signature of Yuri GAGARIN, German TITOV, Andrian NIKOLAEV, Pavel POPOVITCH, Valery BYKOVSKY and Valentina TERESHKOVA; Sieger series

PER ARDUA AD ASTRA 159 3739 F € 800 1961, USSR/GAGARIN - 30th Anniversary, outstanding collection of unique drawings and designs, regarding Yuri GAGARIN, the first human to fly into outer space with VOSTOK. To be highlighted are 7 blueprint drawings by the well-known Russian graphik designer/artist G. KOMLEV for stamps, each signed by the artist, different sizes, formats and compilations (ref. Michel 6185-6188, souvenir sheets 218+219; Zagorsky 6241-6244, souvenir sheets 221+222). Collection completed with more stamps, souvenir sheets and covers regarding space and Gagarin. ex 3739 3741 3741 F 6 € 800 1962, USA/MERCURY 8 - FDC/Start Cover of Mercury 8, showing launching Atlas-Mercury-rocket and portrait of John Glenn; with postmark CAPE CANVERAL "20 Feb 1962"; with signatures of S. CARPENTER, W. SCHIRRA, J. GLENN, D. SLAYTON, A. SHEPARD, G. COOPER, V. GRISSOM