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160 PER ARDUA AD ASTRA ex 3745 3745 F 6 € 100 1964, USSR/WOSCHOD - three commemorative covers of the flight's crew, each showing one cosmonaut with his picture, his own official stamp and his autograph: W. KOMAROW, K. FEOKTISTOW & B. JEGOROW. The launch of WOSCHOD on the 12th of October, 1964 surprised the NASA; for the first time 3 cosmonauts surrounded the Earth in a caspule. When they landed on the 13th of October, 1964, the political leadership of the Soviet Union had changed (from N. Chruschtschow to L. Breschnew). 3746 3746 F € 120 1965, USA/GEMINI VI-A - signed photograph of the rendezvous with Gemini VII on December 12, 1965 - the first rendezvous manouvre of manned spacecrafts with a miminum distance of 30 centimeters. With signatures of P. STAFFORD & W. SHIRRA. Semi-glossy in generally fine condition with slight scratches; certificate by Autograph Collectors Club 3748 3748 F So-4 € 3.000 1969, USSR/SOYUZ 4 - with Soyuz 4 flown FIRST EDITION of "Tseli Zveszdoplavaniya" (Objectives of Space Exploration) by K. Tsiolkovski, Kaluga 1929. On cover page handwritten confirmation and signature of the commander of Soyuz 4: "On board of Soyuz 4, 15th of January, 1969, V. SHATALOV". This first edition of Ziolkowski was in the possesion of the commander Wladimir Schatalow until March 1996. Photo certificate from Hopferwieser. Shatalov launched with Soyuz 4 on the 14th of January, 1969. On the 16th of January, 1969, Shatalov conducted a docking maneuvre with Soyuz 5. Two cosmonauts, A. Yeliseyev & E. Khrunov changed from Soyuz 5 over to Soyuz 4. Soyuz 4 landed with 3 cosmonauts on the 17th of January, 1969

PER ARDUA AD ASTRA 161 3747 3747 F So-4 6 € 80 1969, USSR/SOYUZ 4 & SOYUZ 5 - stationery cover 4 K., with special postmark "Earth Cosmos - Cosmos-Earth" 14.1.69; signed by V. SCHATALOV, B. VOLYNOV, A. YELISEYEV & E. KHRUNOV 3748 F So-4 € 3.000 Illustration and text on the left page 3752 3752 F € 120 1969, USA/APOLLO 11 - official NASA-photograph of Micheal COLLINS. With signature of M. COLLINS - he conducted the fourth EVA ever (with Gemini 10 in 1966) and was the Command Module Pilot for Apollo 11 (1969). Measurements ca. 20x25 cm; generally in fine condition, with few partial punch holes on left side and minor folds in the right corners. 3749 3749 F € 400 1969, USA/APOLLO 11 - glossy picture of Neil ARMSTRONG with his signature; the commander of Apollo 11 participates in simulation training in preparation for the scheduled lunar landing mission on June 19, 1969 - he is in the Apollo Lunar Module Mission Simulator in the Kennedy Space Center (KSC) Flight Crew Training Building. Measurements 10x15 cm. Certificate revers by P. Fisher 3750 F A-11 6 € 4.500 Illustration and text on next page 3751 F A-11n 6 € 2.000 Illustration and text on next page Complete auction live online. Live bidding now available at Felzmann. 3753 3753 F Cameroon Mi. 594+595 I ** € 500 1969, CAMEROON - complete sheet "Mahatma Ghandi" with RED INVERTED OVERPRINT type I for APOLLO 11 "FIRST MAN LANDING ON MOON 20 July 1969" in English & French, only 10 such complete sheets are known to exist; m.n.h., superb