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164 PER ARDUA AD ASTRA 3757 3757 F A-15g 6 € 6.000 1969, USA/APOLLO 12 - flown MOON COVER, No. 48 of 87, this piece was flown around the moon - but only transported with Apollo 15 in 1971; handwritten note "Flown to the moon"; with postmark "Houston 10.12.1969" (day of dismissal from quarantine), on the backside handwritten confirmation of transport on Apollo 15 and signature of R. Gordon "... flown to the moon on Apollo 15"; with signature of all three astronauts of Apollo 12 mission: Charles CONRAD, Richard GORDON and Alan BEAN. Signed Bolaffi and Diena with photo certificate Bolaffi, € 12.000,-

PER ARDUA AD ASTRA 165 3761 3761 F A-15c 6 € 6.000 1971, USA/APOLLO 15 - flown MOON LANDING COVER, SCOTT-Moon-Cover No. 279 of 300 (incl. inlaying explanation card with no. 279), this cover was transported with the Lunar Module "Falcon" and was physically present on the moon; with postmark of Kennedy Space Center "26 JUL 1971" (splashdown Apollo 15) and postmark of USS OKINAWA "7 AUG 1971" (landing Apollo 15); signed by A. WORDEN, D. SCOTT & J. IRWIN. Notary sign with notarial no. 119 on the back of cover; with official notarial certification (referring to this no. 119) from 19th of July, 1983., € 12.000,- 3762 F A-15d 6 € 2.000 1971, USA/APOLLO 15 - MOON PHASE COVER of Al Warden, flown to the moon; with postmark "USS Okinawa 07 AUG 1971" (return day) and both private start and landing postmarks of F. Herrick (red); with signatures of all three astronauts David SCOTT, Alfred WORDEN and James IRWIN. One of the covers not being confiscated by the NASA. Signed by Bolaffi with correlating photo certificate and notarial certification (issued 19th of July, 1983), € 9.000,- 3762