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26 PER ARDUA AD ASTRA NETHERLANDS 3044 3044 F 6 € 1.300 Balbo Squadron Flight "Crociera Aerea del Decenniale Italia - Nord America", registered cover from Amsterdam/Netherlands 06- 16-1933 with red "Transatlantische Vlucht van Italiaansche Vliegtuigen 1933" to New York 07-20 and arrival Canton/Ohio 07-21 on the backside, only 62 items were addressed to either New York or Chicago, rare cover in excellent condition, certified Bolaffi (Longhi 33SDb) NORWAY 3045 3045 F 6 € 800 First Flight crossing the North Pole Spitsbergen - North Pole, Roessler cover flown by Commander Byrd & Floyd Bennett in the Fokker Tr-Motor "Josephine Ford" with USA Washington 2c (corner fault) tied 'NY-ALESUND' May 9, 1926 and Norway Airmails 2ore & 10ore tied 'KINGS BAY' May 9, 1926 on arrival signed RE Byrd on face, very fine condition, certified Bolaffi

PER ARDUA AD ASTRA 27 SAN MARINO ex 3046 3046 F 192-197 ** € 120 Zeppelin airmail set cpl. mint n.h., v.f., signed (Sass. PA 11-16) USA 3047 F 6 € 2.500 AIRSHIP "R-34", Return Flight from Roosevelt Field, New York/USA via Clifton/Ireland to Pulham/England, cover franked with 24 Cents Airmail Stamp cancelled New York 07-08 and Hampstead 07-09, upon arrival in London, covers received a special arrival mark 07-13 incorporating the words "R-34" in the mark, very fine sample of this first transatlantic "west-east" crossing with an airship, certified Bolaffi 3047 3048 3048 F 6 € 200 Orville Wright autograph on cover commemorating the 25th anniversary of the first flight effected by the Wright brothers with 5 Ct airmail stamp cancelled Kitty Hawk Dec. 17, 1928; certified Bolaffi