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DSP Jahrbuch 2017/ DSP Yearbook 2017

Browse through an eventful 2017 with our current yearbook!


NEIGUNGSFÄCHER & PROFILIERUNG During their 6 month elective courses, learners from Grade 3 -6 were introduced to new ideas; they acquired new skills and mostly importantly, had tons of fun! ELECTIVE SUBJECTS GRADE 3 & 4 Grade 3 & 4 learners took their Lego skills to the next level under the guidance of Mrs Kruger and Mrs E. de Villiers. Throughout the year they learnt the four basic principles: gears, levers, pulleys and wheels. Learners were encouraged to think creatively and independently; they also practiced their problem solving and communication skills in group, pair and individual work. Their work culminated in one project, in which they had to incorporate all four basic principles. Hip Hop was offered for the first time this year as an elective and was wildly popular! Here learners were taught several routines to popular Pop/Hip-Hop songs. They were introduced to tutting, simple break dance moves and Hip-Hop choreography. Thanks to Ms Riedinger, they had a lot of fun and some dance stars in the making have been discovered! Some art lovers attended the Arts and Crafts course, offered by Ms Streier. Here they produced magnificent two and threedimensional work. Learners were exposed to a variety of mediums, and had an opportunity to explore their own creativity. Through short introductions to famous artists and discussions about their art, learners were encouraged to use art terminology and to form opinions. Ms Löwe had the children bouncing around the sports field. These Grade 3 & 4 learners had an opportunity to play sports which they ordinarily do not get to participate in during their regular sports lessons. They played cricket, Frisbee-golf, baseball and dodge ball, to name a few. This year, BOSCH donated tool boxes and materials which were put to good use by the Small Experiments group, under the guidance of Ms Balthes. Here learners had an opportunity to try out working with tools. They used pre-cut wooden parts to create vehicles and dolls. They were encouraged by Ms Balthes to create their own designs. Parlez-Vous Francais? Those learners who attended the French class with Mrs Malauzat learnt basic vocabulary relating to the following topics: family, parts of the body, the weather, animals, fruits, the house, days of the week and the months, and numbers. They sang songs which made learning more fun! They also played games with animal cards, made posters, and watched Tintin in French. 98 DSP Jahrbuch 2017 – Neigungsfächer & Profilierung

GRADE 5 & 6 The Grade 5 Orchestra was led by Ms Nardari. By the second term, learners had settled into a routine, and have been diligently attending lessons with their respective instrumental teachers. Attending private lessons has made it possible for learners to perform many songs satisfactorily in orchestra class. Under the baton of Mrs Engberts-Van Eeden, the Grade 6 Orchestra class has been playing together for the past two years. Unfortunately their time of making music together has come to an end. Together they have learnt the art of reading music, listening to each other and having fun performing the various concerts such as the Oktoberfest, Christkindlmarkt, Weihnachtskonzert and even the German Old Age Home. We wish our musicians all the best for their future musical endeavours! Round-house kicks and left hook punches were flying in Mrs Welvering’s kick-boxing group. Here the participants learnt punching and kicking combinations, respect for others, and discipline and control. They developed their core strength and improved their fitness. That said, they decided that sparring is best left for the professionals! Anyone passing the parking lot on a Thursday afternoon would have heard the rhythmic tunes coming from the marimba room. Here, under the guidance of Ms Streier, learners learnt to play some well-known songs such as Balafong, Mmangwane, Catch a falling star and in special preparation for the Christmas concert – Jingle Bells. At Mrs Swart’s Maths Club, number concept, spatial reasoning and problem-solving skills were developed through a variety of games, puzzles and physical activities. Interactive, tablet-based applications were included to enhance exposure, challenge learners and improve their technical skills. Mrs Maritz brought her own dance moves in Latin and Ballroom dancing. Here they learnt how to Cha-cha, Tango and show their movie in some line dances. They learnt how to respect each other DSP Jahrbuch 2017 – Neigungsfächer & Profilierung 99

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