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DSP Jahrbuch 2017/ DSP Yearbook 2017

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AUS DEN FACHSCHAFTEN WORDS FROM THE DEPARTMENTS MATHEMATICS ENGLISH BRANCH In March this year, the first round of the annual national Mathematics Olympiad was written. This Olympiad is organized by the University of Pretoria and tests the problem solving skills of learners of South Africa. As the Mathematics department of the DSP, we encourage all learners from Grade 8 onwards to take part. The learners that qualified for the second round by obtaining a score of 50% or higher were: • Chandler Jacobus (Grade 9) • Moalosi Ntai (Grade 9) • Camdin Page-Shipp (Grade 9) • Sabine Klingelhöfer (Grade 10) • Silindile Mtshweni (Grade 10) • Kimberley Taku (Grade 10) • Xingyue Wang (Grade 10) • Hannah Schulz (Grade 11) • Maereg Terefe (Grade 11) • Ntsika Dube (Grade 12) • Thomas Hettasch (Grade 12) • Darren Issacs (Grade 12) • Lucy Mamabolo (Grade 12) • Siphiwe Matlhako (Grade 12) • Koketso Selekana (Grade 12) • Lance Senda (Grade 12) We are very proud of you, especially of Thomas Hettasch, who also participated in Round 3. This means that he received more than 50% in the second round. D. Issacs, T. Hettsch, M. Tarefe, H. Schulz, M. Ntai, C. Page-Ship, K. Taku, S. Mtshweni, S. Klingelhöfer In August two Mathematics colleagues (R. Kluge, T. Sauti, and M. Bezuidenhout) had the privilege to attend a Math and Science Workshop. Simplifying difficult concepts, motivation in the math classroom and career choice and guidance for learners, were some of the topics discussed. Siyavula – Everything Math and Science, offered a workshop where Math and Science teachers were invited to get to know their software. As a department we have decided to go ahead and order the software for our Grade 8 – 12 learners as of 2018, to assist them in mastering Mathematics concepts. Learners will get passwords and additional information from their Math educators. The Grade 8 and 9 learners will mainly make use of this program during their MDA lessons, where the school’s tablets can be used. We encourage all learners in the English Branch to make use of this fantastic opportunity! The Grade 7 (ISASA) and Grade 9 (IEB) learners write external examinations at the end of the year. We do this to ensure that our standards remain high and to keep up a healthy competition amongst the neighboring schools. In conclusion I would like to take the opportunity to thank all my wonderful Math colleagues for their exceptional work during 2017! Claudia Bischofberger, Head of Subject – Mathematics FRANZÖSISCH French cooking and baking With grade 9 we studied a French recipe for a french dessert. The recipe for “Tarte Tatin“ was published in their syllabus. We also baked a “gâteau au chocolat“ and “Tarte au thon et olives“. With grade 8 we had a baking session. We baked a “gâteau au chocolat“ and “Tarte au Fromage“, “œufs mimosa“ and french crêpes with Nutella. The students enjoyed it and shared a nice meal. Mrs Malauzat 106 DSP Jahrbuch 2017 – Aus den Fachschaften

ENGLISH Pretoria Inter-High School Public Speaking Competition Several of our Grade 11 and 12 students took part in the annual Pretoria Inter-High School Public Speaking Competition held at Lyttelton Manor High School in Centurion. This year, four of our Grade 12 students participated in the Best Individual Speaker section of the competition. This involved the challenging task of having to present not only a prepared speech, but also an unprepared one. The standard at the competition was extremely high, but our speakers are to be commended on the high level of their performance: • Chimwemwe Mangani (Gold Award) • Khanyi Masilela (Silver Award)) • Ntsako Moshidi (Silver Award) • Mekayla van Huyssteen (Bronze Award) Also last week, twelve of our students participated in the Team Section of the same public speaking competition. Each team consis ted of four members and spoke on a particular theme of their own choice, based on a quotation from a poem by the well known English poet, Ted Hughes. All three teams performed commendably, and the experience will undoubtedly boost their confidence and performance skills for any public speaking they will need to do in the future. Grade 12 (Awarded B+) • Ntsako Moshidi • Koketso Selekana • Kgaogelo Kgodane • Vunene Sephula Grade 11 Team 1 (Awarded B+) • Kai Weber • Taboka Vundule • Ezile Dumzela • Dineo Mamabolo Team 2 (Awarded: A) • Luyanda Hadebe • Tashriq Moerat • Zandile Tabata • Maereg Terefe Barbara Wesolinski “Public speaking is a very important area of our lives that we have to – at least – be exposed to at some point before we are launched into the adult world. As most adults would say “you may not be good at public speaking but there will come a time in your career that it is a part of your job description”. It is for this reason that DSP learners are grateful to Ms. Wesolinski, Ms. Paul and Ms. Sebright for introducing us to the public speaking event at Littleton Manor and guiding us in preparation for it. I have been a part of the Group speeches for the past two years and got the privilege to be a part of the Best Speaker category this year. The three teachers really try their best to ensure that we are well prepared for our speeches and less nervous than we would be without them. We were all saddened to learn that Littleton Manor will not be hosting the Public Speaking event any more – although they have been doing so for the past 30 years, approximately. Hopefully some school will be brave enough to attempt to fill in their shoes in order to keep this event going. Perhaps that brave school will be our school.” Ntsako Moshidi, 12D English Olympiad 2017 When I first signed up for the 2017 “Staying Alive” English Olympiad I didn’t know what to expect. There were only four of us who opted to participate this year and we met up each week in the big break with Mrs Wesolinski to discuss different types of literature. Being a relatively small group enabled more individual participation in each discussion and it was so interesting to hear the others’ interpretation of a piece. This year we discussed a collection of literature which was created by young South Africans from different years and I quickly became absorbed in the different works. It was very interesting, for example, to receive an insight to past events through the eyes of a teenager. The Olympiad is a wonderful opportunity to experience a variety of poems, prose, plays, etc and to express your view on past or current (sometimes even foreseeable) issues or events. If you enjoy reading, creating or interpreting different forms of literature, I would definitely recommend taking part in the English Olympiad. Hannah Schulz, 11c Excerpts of three superb creative writing essays written by Grade 11 learners My remarkably beautiful friend Beep Beep Beeeeeep I sigh and slam my fist onto the alarm clock. Just another day in Paradise. Mondays have been the bane of my existence since high school started three years ago. Everyone always tells you that high school was the best time of their lives. They are all obviously ignoring the stress, pressure and sheer ‘crappiness’ that is teenage life. Ignore all that and sure, high school years rock. Hypocrites, the lot of them. “Honey, are you up yet?” My mother could compete with a banshee if she wanted to. “Of course!” Another sigh as I curl up into my blanket. At least the year is almost over. One year closer to freed-… “Get up right now! You lazy, lying, ungratef-…“ I don’t hear the rest as I quickly jump into the shower. Just another day in Paradise. Breakfast has always been a lively affair in this household. Mom making breakfast, dad and Johnny discussing irrelevant topics like rugby and getting louder and louder with each minute that passes, Sam sitting in front of the laptop pretending to study, while actually checking out the newest motorbike models, all in all utter chaos and ulcer inducing. At least that’s what my mother calls it. The school day starts off like any normal, tedious morning. First period Mathematics, we get our Tests back – 94% – not too shabby. Then I have a free period. Usually I spend it with my two best friends, but they’re off sick today. Whilst sitting there, I notice her. The queen bee, most popular of the populars, Alison. DSP Jahrbuch 2017 – Aus den Fachschaften 107

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