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DSP Jahrbuch 2017/ DSP Yearbook 2017

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Fun Run This year the

Fun Run This year the Fun Run took place on Saturday the 21st of October. We had an earlier start to the morning compared to last year. The Vorschule to Grade 2 learners started running at 8:00 am. Grade 2 had to run four laps of the top soccer field while Grade 1 had to complete three laps and the Vorschule, two laps. They all ran as fast as they could. It was once again a pleasure to see them all participate and I think that it can once again be said that fun was had by all the learners, teachers and parents alike. Thank you Mrs Breytenbach for coordinating the Vorschule to Grade 2 activities. At 8:15 the guest runners completed 5km. This year 35 guest runners took part. The fastest time recorded was 18.50 minutes by Mr Andreas Harms. At 8:30 the Grade 3 to 4 learners completed their 2.5 km race, there after the Grade 5 to 9 then ran 5km. Medals for the top three boys and girls per age group were awarded in Aula. Overall the morning was successful. I would like to thank the sports staff, teaching staff and ground staff for assisting on the day to ensure that the fun run was once again a success. Jackie de Sousa Vorschule Boys • 1st: Csongor Erdös (VSa) • 2nd: Theo Kilp (VSb) • 3rd: Mogale Tsetsewa (VSe) Grade 1 Boys • 1st: Jonathan Hinze (1a) • 2nd: Liam Adebayo (1a) • 3rd: Sebastian von La Chevallerie (1b) Grade 2 Boys • 1st: Christopher von La Chevallerie (2b) • 2nd: Luka Kohlmeyer (2a) • 3rd: Ola Mogaloane (2e) Vorschule Girls • 1st: Nicolina Gehrke (VSe) • 2nd: Amelie Moolman (VSb) • 3rd: Lisa van Buer (VSb) Grade 1 Girls • 1st: Inge vd Walt (1b) • 2nd: Xenia Bust (1b) • 3rd: Storm Hooman (1a) Grade 2 Girls • 1st: Farirai Makonese (2e) • 2nd: Lara Marggraf (2a) • 3rd: Elise van Zyl (2a) 130 DSP Jahrbuch 2017 – Aus den Fachschaften

DSP Jahrbuch 2017 – Aus den Fachschaften 131

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