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DSP Jahrbuch 2017/ DSP Yearbook 2017

Browse through an eventful 2017 with our current yearbook!


ARBEITSGEMEINSCHAFTEN (AGs) EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES DSP Fußball Report 2017 The DSP had a very successful 2017 football season, as all the DSP teams did extremely well this year. The u10 lost only one game all season and won 3 trophies this year. • They won their u10 league with a record of: played 7, won 5, drew 1, lost 1 • They won the Pretoria Schools u10 cup • They won their respective 7-a-side league The u11 team also won a trophy this year for winning their 7-a-side league. The u13 team had a brilliant season with only 1 defeat this whole year, and they won 3 different trophies: • They won their league with a record of: played 7, won 6 and drew 1 • They won the plate final • They also won their respective 7-a-side league • They ended 2nd in the DSP’s annual outreach program, losing the final on a penalty shootout. Max Preusse made the Northerns schools u13 team. The high school football teams conducted themselves with distinction, as all of them ended 4th in their respective leagues (all of them, u15, u17 and u20, tied with the teams above them but lost out on goal difference). The girls’ football sides under the guidance of Mr Chepape did extremely well. • The u15 girls’ side won their respective league and advanced to the playoffs which were held in Bedfordview. They played against all the schools that qualified for playoffs in the Gauteng area, and eventually ended with a respectable 4th place. • The Open girls’ team ended 2nd in the league and also qualified for the playoffs in Johannesburg. This is the first time that these girls have entered a very strong league, and not only did they do the DSP extremely proud, they performed above all expectations. Well done girls and we expect the same from you all next year. Thank you, Mr Chepape, for doing an amazing job with the girls. Robbie Freire 132 DSP Jahrbuch 2017 – Arbeitsgemeinschaften (AGs)

Handball This has been another exciting year for the Deutsche Internationale Schule Pretoria Handball family. We had more learners joining handball and therefore we needed an extra day to accommodate the extra learners, so that they can receive proper training. Our senior teams practiced on Monday with Mr Ehrich and our junior teams practiced on Tuesdays with Coach Chepape. A special thank you goes to Deutsche Internationale Schule Johannes burg and their coach Mrs Anke Grosche for always being willing to have a little tournament with our school. At this particular tournament we have the under 12, under 14 and under 16 boys and girls teams. In April we visited DSJ for the first tournament and we won that battle. In August DSJ visited our school and on this occasion the DSJ was victorious. This was the perfect preparation for the Handball Super Cup which took place on the 21 October 2017 at DSJ. There were seven schools at the tournament, much to the delight of the learners and the coaching staff. We were able to send four teams namely: the under 12 mix team, the under 14 mix team, the under 14 girls’ team and the under 14 boys’ teams. All teams except the under 14 boys only team were victorious and came in first place. Our under 14 boys only team finished second. It was a very successful tournament for the DSP and a good practice run as we are preparing for the 2018 Olympiade in Windhoek. In closing I would like to thank Mrs de Sousa my head of sport for her continued support to the sport, Mr Ehrich for availing himself on Mondays, the parents for allowing their kids to be part of the handball extra mural activity and most importantly the learners who have committed and dedicated themselves to the sport. With that being said I look forward to an incredible and exciting 2018. Thank you! Kagiso Chepape Karate Once again, we had a very exciting year at karate in 2017. The DSP children were actively involved and their results were excellent. We held 3 tournaments this year and these events were well sup ported by the DSP children. At our tournaments we often have guest dojos and at most of our events this year we had 3 different guest dojos represented, including 1 Johannesburg Kyokushin Dojo, 1 Diepsloot Kyokushin dojo and the Harlequins Dojo. This is in addition to our own 12 schools that were represented. The Deutsche Internationale Schule Pretoria was the best repre sented school at the tournaments, with the following students competing at the 2017 events: Adrian Klein, Angelika Brandl, Angelos Papadopoulos, Ayden van Niekerk, Benedek Erdos, Brendan Smith, Caspar Schindler, Csongor Erdos, Gabriel Redecker, Jakov Marinkovic, Juliette du Plessis, Kai Niewen huizen, Kai Schluter, Kiara Spoormakers, Konstantin Vakhu, Leon Sonderegger, Luka Schluter, Maxi Noack, Michael Brandl, Natalie van den Berg, Sakhile Monama, Simon Kuepker, Siyamthanda Mpofu, Tadija Marinkovic, Thierry Sonderegger and Vincent Plisic. They all did very well and can be proud of their achievements. Vincent Plisic walked away with the trophy for the Best Kata overall at the end-of-year prize giving, while Caspar Schindler finished 3rd. Vincent was again the only DSP pupil to do full contact knockdown fighting and received a 1st place trophy at the first tournament and a 3rd place trophy at the last tournament. Athletics The athletics which is an extra-mural activity has yet again been a fruitful program this year. The eager participation and eventful program offered to learners from grade 5 to grade 12 focussed on building and improving the various skills and talents shown by our learners. This combined with the physical and mental advantages of the training schedule is an important step and building block not only in the learners’ development, but as vital importance towards next year’s Olympiad. Mr Kowalsky & Mrs Breytenbach DSP Jahrbuch 2017 – Arbeitsgemeinschaften (AGs) 133

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