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DSP Jahrbuch 2017/ DSP Yearbook 2017

Browse through an eventful 2017 with our current yearbook!

Each year we also select

Each year we also select the top children to make the squad. These children are chosen from all our students (numbering over 200). The following students from DSP have made the 2018 squad: Ayden van Niekerk, Caspar Schindler, Csongor Erdos, Michael Brandl, Vincent Plisic. It is important to note that every child who takes part in tourna ments should be praised as they are making an effort to better themselves and their ability to protect themselves. It is very brave to compete in fighting even if you wear protective gear. Well done to all! We had a large number of Kindergarten and Vorschule students taking part in karate this year. This is so important, as it helps these children acquire the skills they need for life, in all areas of development. Karate, at this level, is used for self defence against bullying, social skills, physical development (both gross and fine motor skills), cognitive development, emotional development and moral development. We also held 3 camps this year at the DSP, where the children do their belt promotion tests. All the DSP students passed their belt promotions and some even skipped their belt levels. The camps are really fun and give the children an opportunity to meet students from other schools and to make new friends. Dylan van Wyk Mini-Hockey Jeden Mittwoch trafen sich ein Haufen spielfreudige Erst- bis Viertklässler auf der Oktoberfestwiese zum Hockey-Training. Sie lernten Stock hantierung, Dribbeln und verschiedene Arten den Ball zu schießen. Die Grundregeln des Spiels wurden auch erlernt, sodass wir zum Ende des Jahres immer bessere kleine Spiele spielen konnten. Dieses Jahr haben wir auch ein Freundschaftsspiel gegen Laer skool Meyerspark gespielt. Dort haben unsere U/8 und U/10 jeweils ihre beiden Spiele gewonnen. Wenn ihr ein bisschen Ballgefühl sowie guten Mannschaftsgeist habt und Spaß haben wollt, kommt nächstes Jahr doch auch zum Hockey-Training. 134 DSP Jahrbuch 2017 – Arbeitsgemeinschaften (AGs)

Netball Growing at the DSP What does netball mean to you? This is a question meant to be answered by every player once in their netball playing lifetimes. I didn’t have to think twice when answering this question. As a player myself for 13+ years and a coach for 2 years I can tell you that netball is life. Once you have started or played once you will always love it, well that was the case for me. Netball taught me that you are never alone, you always have 6 sisters on the court with you, you win together and you lose together this creates unity and a whole different love and sisterhood, on and off the netball court. “For me netball is one of the sports I can participate in and you discover what you are good at and what you can work on. Through netball I also got to know my team members well. I really enjoy the sport.” – Hope Netball takes a lot of discipline, dedication and determination. It is not easy to be a netball player and the girls from DSP had a small taste of that these last few weeks. As their fitness was never a focus point this is what I started with before playing any games at all trainings. They did a lot of strength and conditioning as well as a bit of fitness. I’m sure they would say A LOT of fitness. Strangely enough this did not scare them away as a lot of people pre dicted. The girls numbers grew from 5 to around 16 some days. This has shown me that there is potential and willing ness if effort is put into coaching, they want to learn. There were girls coming to training that had never played net ball who wanted to learn and this made me happy. To see the growth of netball at the DSP brings me great joy and this is because of all the girls dedicated to play and represent their school in a sport that they love. 2018 looks bright for netball at the DSP with upcoming friendlies to be played and girls willing to give their all, the sky is the limit. Renè Strydom Swimming – Fish and Fowl Most will remember as children, some as adults, anxiety build up before the big plunge into the large body of water before us. Whether this anxiety was due to the uncertainty of temperature (albeit the differential of a hot day and refreshing 25°C water or the actual freshness of deep blue), or the uncertainty of ability to complete what is set out by the coach. No matter our level, the uncertainty left us feeling like fish … or in most cases like fowl. The Actualise Swim programme at the DSP has seen rapid, advantageous expansion in the last 12 months. We have certainly seen some fowl transforming into little (and big…) fish but the innate “fowl-ness” occasionally oozes across faces when there are fresh breezes. We noticed and experiences expansion i.a. in the following category: DSP Jahrbuch 2017 – Arbeitsgemeinschaften (AGs) 135

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