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DSP Jahrbuch 2017/ DSP Yearbook 2017

Browse through an eventful 2017 with our current yearbook!

Are you ready to...

Are you ready to... Realise your full potential? Wellness Programmes: Other Services/Opportunities: ● Ab-Blaster Challenge (Online) ● Team-Building ● Actualise Swim @ DSP ● Nutrition & Apparel Distributors ➢ Learn to Swim ● Personal Wellness Coaching ➢ Stroke Development ● Corporate Wellness ➢ School & Club Gala Levels ➢ Consulting ● Holistic Movement Classes @ DSP ➢ Development Visit out new website: Follow us on Facebook: @actualisews Enquiries: 072 850 9567 (Jarryd Irvine) Coaching Team: • 3 coaches in 2016 to a team of 6 in 2017 • Planning for a team of 8 in 2018! • A professional team of individuals with experience in a wide range of swimming competencies: - Learn-to-Swim instruction - Stroke development and performance level coaching. - Triathlon competitions - Regional and national level competitions Why should you or your children at least learn to swim? We live in a dynamic world where anything can happen, such as twisting one’s ankle whilst cleaning the pool, potentially hitting one’s head or breaking a limb… Imagine, you are completely alone and no one can save you, nor can you save yourself. (This may seem a melodramatic or ludicrous scenario, yet a relative of mine experienced exactly this! Thankfully, she did not hit her head and the water was ultimately a “soft-landing”.) Therefore, being aware of how to handle oneself in water is of utmost importance. Of course, despite how “watersafe” we might think we are natural systems (rivers and the sea) and human foolishness decreases our safety considerably. For example, if one swims in the sea and gets pulled out further by a rip current, it would help to know to remain calm, swim parallel to the shore, and conserve energy where possible. We have experienced a wonderful year, being privileged to work with and facilitate growth and development on various levels in such a blessed school. Should you require more information on our swimming programme and its berth, we would love to share with you the past, present, and vision for the future! We look forward to continue to transform fowl into fish and guide them to realising their full potential! Jarryd Irvine Tennis 2017 was one of the most successful years in the last decade as the DSP tennis players showed their tennis muscles to the rest of Pretoria. And with the Sport Olympiad coming up next year, the timing could not have been better. More and more students were joining tennis training at school which resulted in entering a record six teams into the Gauteng North Tennis League for Primary Schools as well as three teams into the Gauteng North High School League. Congratulations to the following players for winning their leagues in the pool sections: Girls u/13 Boys u/15 Saskia Adrian Jens Adrian Corinna Meyer Jean Groenewald Alina Neeb Max Muhr Rita Bohmer Tom Schulz Mari Groenewald Benji Spanauss Tatyana Plicic Marco Gunther Ronja Scharf Jan Nicklaus Tamara Redecker Aimee Joubert A big thank-you to these and all other players for their hard work and dedication. Next year we’ll break even more records. :-) Every year we are also very dependent on the parents for transporting the teams to the league venues and back. We would like to thank all of these parents for helping us out and for bringing our children safely back again. Pieter van der Walt 136 DSP Jahrbuch 2017 – Arbeitsgemeinschaften (AGs)

Elite Tumbling & Trampoline Club Results Klim Gim Trampoline Competition Black top trampoline: • Christian Nel – 1st • Rudi du Plessis – 3rd • Erin Prins – 3rd • Hannah Greyling – 4th • Amelie Kupker – 5th • Tim Kupker – 3rd • Johanna Beck – 2nd • Freya Schmidt – 3rd • Rebaone Moselile – 5th • Tinyiko Malungana – 8th • Tamara Redecker – 1st • Michelle Feucht – 2nd Double mini trampoline: • Hannah Greyling – 3rd • Erin Prins – 4th • Gabriel Redecker – 4th Results Eagles Tumbling Competition • Gabriel Redecker – 1st • Erin Prins – 3rd • Amelie Kupker – 7th • Tamara Redecker – 12th Results Tuks Trampoline Competition • Johanna Beck – 5th • Tinyiko Malungana – 8th • Rebaone Moselile – 10th • Freya Schmidt – 15th • Hannah Greyling – 2nd & 6th • Erin Prins – 2nd & 4th • Tamara Redecker – 3rd • Gabriel Redecker – 6th • Rudi du Plessis – 6th • Christian Nel – 8th Results Gauteng North Championships • Erin Prins – 2 x 4th place • Amelie Kupker – 2nd • Tamara Redecker – 1st • Michelle Feucht – 3rd • Christian Nel – 3rd • Johanna Beck – 4th • Tinyiko Malungana – 6th • Rebaona Moselile – 11th • Gabriel Redecker – 2nd DSP children who were selected for the Gauteng North trampoline team to go to Gauteng Championships: Erin Prins – double mini and black top trampoline Hannah Greyling – double mini and black top trampoline Christian Nel – black top Johanna Beck – black top Gabriel Redecker – double mini trampoline Tamara Redecker – black top trampoline Amelie Kupker – black top trampoline Michelle Feucht – black top trampoline Results Gauteng Trampoline Championships Black top trampoline: • Christiaan Nel – silver medal • Tamara Redecker – gold medal • Michelle Feucht – silver medal • Hannah Greyling – silver medal • Erin Prins – silver medal • Amelie Kupker – silver medal • Johanna Beck – silver medal Double mini trampoline: • Gabriel Redecker – bronze medal • Hannah Greyling – 4th place Results SA Games – Trampoline and Tumbling • Hannah Greyling – 18th double mini trampoline (41 jumpers) • Erin Prins – 32nd double mini trampoline (41 jumpers) • Gabriel Redecker – 14th double mini trampoline (26 jumpers) • Gabriel Redecker – 7th tumbling (12 tumblers) Congratulations to Tamara Redecker who received a gold medal at the North Zone Championships. DSP Jahrbuch 2017 – Arbeitsgemeinschaften (AGs) 137

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