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DSP Jahrbuch 2017/ DSP Yearbook 2017

Browse through an eventful 2017 with our current yearbook!

Anne Kruger 1. Geography

Anne Kruger 1. Geography Teacher 2. The friendly and supportive staff members and the interesting and diverse learners 3. USB stick, diary/planner and a green pen 4. To be a large game vet 5. My passion is creating with fabric 6. I have lived and taught in the Middle–East where I have experienced many different cultures Kerstin Köhler 1. Deutsch- und Geographie-Lehrerin 2. Motivierte SchülerInnen, engagierte Kollegen und das unschlagbare Wetter, das immer gute Laune macht 3. Whiteboard-Marker, Computer, Atlas 4. Polizistin 5. Golfen, Tennis, Familie 6. Carpe diem! Rodrick Zeilhofer 1. History and English teacher in the English branch 2. I enjoy working with young people. The DSP allows me to do this with freedom and I enjoy the trust that I am given. I enjoy working along with my colleagues who are friendly and professional 3. In no particular order, my three most important working utensils would be YouTube for the brilliant educational videos available, books and my own general knowledge 4. Funnily enough I always wanted to be a school teacher 5. My passion is teaching, but my hobbies include sports, reading and movies 6. Celebrate the small victories in life, and take everything as it comes Yurissa Ramdharee 1. Physical Sciences and Mathematics Teacher 2. I really enjoy interacting with my learners and colleagues. It‘s always interesting to learn something new about the people that surround you daily, as well as knowing that you are making a positive impact on their lives, even if it is in a small way 3. White board markers, diary and textbooks 4. Medical Doctor, but on reflection I see that I really just wanted to be of service and support to people 5. I don‘t have a specific passion or hobby. I enjoy a variety of activities depending on my mood and time availability, such as practicing yoga, travelling, reading, listening to music, dancing and so forth. 6. „In a world where you can be anything, be kind.“ – Unknown Gitti Fourie 1. Deutsch-, Mathe- und WuS-Lehrerin 2. Teil einer Familie zu sein! Ich liebe es mit Kindern der DSP zu arbeiten und von Kollegen aus Südafrika und Deutschland viel zu lernen. 3. As a Maths teacher, you will never find me without a ruler! Coloured pens – life without colour is simply dull and my diary… I’d be lost without it! 4. I wanted to become president :-) 5. Ich liebe DIY-Projekte und zu gärtnern 6. Find joy in the little things and you HAVE control – it’s about making the right choices for YOU! 18 DSP Jahrbuch 2017 – Mitarbeiter-Bulletin

Daniella Krafft 1. Grundschullehrerin 2. Ich liebe es, dass ich mit Kindern arbeiten und einen positiven, konstruktiven Einfluss auf sie haben kann. 3. Hand sanitizer, Bleistifte und gute Laune 4. Mutter sein 5. Mit meiner Familie und meinen Freunden Zeit zu verbringen, Tanzen, Sport, „Outdoor” – ich liebe die Natur, Kinder 6. „Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.” Sabrina Hart Grundschullehrerin von August 2017 – Dezember 2017 Neu im Vorstand Tina von La Chevallerie Born in Lancashire in the United Kingdom, I immigrated to South Africa at the age of 7 with my parents and my sister. I matriculated in 1992 from St Thomas Aquinas School in Witbank, Mpumalanga and went on to study my B. Compt. (Hons.) through UNISA whilst completing my Articles of Clerkship. I qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 2001 and worked mostly in the Financial Services sector. I married Wilhelm in 2006 and we have 3 boys, ages 10, 8 and 7, all currently scholars of the DSP. These days I am a full-time mum to them and through my association with the school, whether working in the Tuck Shop, or assisting with the finance committee of the board, I am delighted to be able to offer my time and support to the DSP. Mary Katerere Originally from Zimbabwe, I am a lawyer by profession and currently working at the Department of Environmental Affairs. Have exten sive experience in policy development and drafting legal documents. I have two kids at the school. I am currently serving in the Governance Committee. My interests lie in the creation of good quality and sustainable education. Unser Zusammenleben beruht auf demokratischen Grundprinzipien DSP Jahrbuch 2017 – Mitarbeiter-Bulletin 19

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