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Mahler (arr. Lee): Symphony No. 1 in D Major

Instrumentation: 2d1. 2d1. 2d Eflat & bass cl. 2 (cfag. ad lib) - 4. 2. 2. 0 - tp - 1 (2) perc. hrp - str This arrangement of Mahler's Symphony No. 1 can be performed by a chamber orchestra of approximately 33 to 38 players. The arrangement remains very faithful to Mahler's original and is ideal for professional chamber orchestras, academic conducting programs, student conductor concerts, or whenever the full orchestral forces required for the original are not present. Performance material available for hire. Please email for all rental inquiries.

40 Fl. Ob. Cl. (B) Fag.

40 Fl. Ob. Cl. (B) Fag. Hr. I / II (F) 331 Von hier ab bis zum Zeichen unmerklich stetig breiter werden 338 fp fp fp p fp fp fp fp fp p fp fp ppp fp fp fp p fp fp ppp fp fp fp p fp fp ppp fp fp fp fp fp langsames cresc. Hr. III / IV (F) pp Trp. (F) Pos. Sch. sf fp fp ppp sf Vl. I Vl. II lang gezogen fp p f p f p f p f p fp p f p f p f p f p lang gezogen get. get. Vla. fp fp fp fp fp Vc. fp fp fp fp fp ppp Cb. fp fp fp get. p fp fp ppp

Fl. Ob. 339 NB. ppp Beginn der Steigerung. Fag., Pos., Vc u. Cb. etwas hervortretend pp poco a poco cresc. 344 Immer noch etwas zurückhaltend fp fp fp fp poco a poco cresc. fp fp fp fp 41 Cl. (B) poco a poco cresc. fp fp fp fp Fag. Hr. I / II (F) cresc. f mf Hr. III / IV (F) ossia: tacet bis T. 347 p poco a poco cresc. mf mf Trp. (F) p Pos. Sch. Vl. I Vl. II *) poco a poco cresc. ppp poco a poco cresc. p subito poco a poco cresc. pp ohne crescendo sf sf sf poco a poco cresc. sf Vla. p Vc. poco a poco cresc. f Cb. poco a poco cresc. unis. f *) Anmerkung für den Dirigenten: Violine I cresc., Violine II ohne cresc.

Mahler (arr. Lee): Symphony No. 4 in G Major