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Mahler (arr. Lee): Symphony No. 4 in G Major

Instrumentation: 1d1. 1d1. 2d Eflat & bass cl. 1 - 2. 1. 0. 0 - 2 (3) perc. 1 hrp - str. This arrangement of Mahler's most intimate orchestral work can be performed by a chamber orchestra of approximately 26 to 34 players. The arrangement remains very faithful to Mahler's original and is ideal for professional chamber orchestras, academic conducting programs, student conductor concerts, or whenever the full orchestral forces required for the original are not present. Reviews: “Illuminating.....with solos leaping out in unusually bold detail.” Steve Smith, New York Times Click link below to purchase full score online. Performance material available for hire. Please email for all rental inquiries.

110 Cl. I (B) Cl. II (B)

110 Cl. I (B) Cl. II (B) Vla. 112 115 espress. p espress. Vc. Cb. Ob. 119 123 Fliessender pp Cl. I (B) Vl. I Vl. II arco G-Saite Vla. pp pp p aber grosser Ton Vc. pp cresc. dim. pp pp sempre pizz. Cb.

Fl. Ob. Cl. I (B) Fag. Vl. I Vl. II Vla. Vc. Cb. Fl. Ob. Cl. I (B) Cl. II (B) Fag. Trp. (B) Vl. I Vl. II Vla. 127 133 pp p p pp pp espress. pp legg. pp subito 131 pp pp pp espress. pp pp espress. pp arco pp arco 137 p p p Tutti pp subito hervortretend p p ohne Dämpfer pp p p p p pp pp pp 111 Vc. Cb. zart zart pp subito pp subito pp subito

Mahler (arr. Lee): Symphony No. 1 in D Major