Bauhaus Luftfahrt Jahrbuch 2017





23.11.2017 Master Thesis | Julius Maximilian University of Würzburg

Aktuelles Erleben und zukünftige Entwicklung von geschäftlichen Flugreisen

Autorin/author: V. Gissibl

31.10.2017 Bachelor Thesis | Technical University of Munich

Operational assessment of passenger boarding strategies

Autor/author: T. Coulon

31.10.2017 Master Thesis | Technical University of Munich

Investigation of Electromagnetic Shock Absorber for Aircraft Landing Gear

Autorin/author: N. Bustos Gongora

04.10.2017 Diploma Thesis | TU Dresden

Investigation of Shape Memory Alloys As Possible Shock Absorber Technology for Aircraft Undercarriage

Autor/author: M. Buchberger

26.09.2017 Master Thesis | Technical University of Berlin

Design of a Large Passenger Aircraft with Body Landing Gear

Autor/author: H. Kellermann

04.09.2017 Master Thesis | Technical University of Munich

Piston Engine Conceptualisation for Composite Cycle Engines

Autor/author: P. Keller

17.07.2017 Dissertation | Technical University of Munich

Modelling temperature and microalgae productivity for photobioreactors in industrial-scale cultivation plants

Autor/author: C. Endres

02.06.2017 Dissertation | RWTH Aachen University

Efficiency Potential of Solar Thermochemical Reactor Concepts with Ecological and Economic Performance

Analysis of Solar Fuel Production

Autor/author: C. Falter

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