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Arabische Pferde IN THE FOCUS 1/2018 (Vol. 13) - Leseprobe

The Legacy of Legends of

The Legacy of Legends of the Breed Padrons Psyche Breeding The pedigree of a show horse without his name is hardly thinkable: Padrons Psyche. In the early 1990s, he started his triumphal march around the world - and this in the truest sense of the word, as his blood is present on all continents. When on 9th September last year, Padrons Psyche passed away, the world of Arabian horse lovers held their breath, because they were aware, that a legend had just left. But his legacy is living on, as he sired around 1300 foals while still alive - and thanks to frozen semen that may not be the end. His popularity as a sire was due to the fact that his offspring were extra-ordinary successful in the show ring - regardless if in first, second, third generation or even further back, the name of Padrons Psyche in the pedigree is almost a guarantee for show ring success. The Ancestors But where did his prepotency come from? Padrons Psyche was born 1988 by Padron out of Kilika. On his dam's side, he tails back via Kilika - Kilifa to Kapelka (by Aswan). Kapelka was mated to the Aswan-son Kilimandscharo, which resulted in Kilifa, who was inbred to Aswan, back then responsible for adding "type". Kilifa was exported to the US, where she was mated with the Russian Tamerlan, a stallion with less type, but very solid and - via his grandsire Pomeranets - with riding points. That's how Padrons Psyches dam Kilika came into being. On Padrons Psyche's sire side we find Aswan, too, via Padron - Patron. On the granddam's side were horses of English breeding. If you consider, that also some of the Russian lines are tailing back to English foundation horses, there was some common blood. Padron was exported together with his dam Odessa to the US, where Padron was mated to Kilika, which finally resulted in the combination of the solid English lines with the Russian performance lines and a drop of "type" through inbreeding to Aswan. As one would expect from his pedigree, Padrons Psyche looked "Russian" - considering his movements, his frame, and size - he was said to have been around 1,60 m - but nevertheless with sufficient type, to be recognized as an Arabian on the first view. And he had, maybe more importantly, presence - he was a personality, the way you find it only with a true sire. The Beginnings Padrons Psyche was only shown in the US in the years 1990-91 - and achieved as his highest award a reserve title at the US Nationals. So, it wasn't so much his own show ring results that founded his fame, but his prepotency as a sire, grandsire, great-grandsire of a string of show horses, as we have hardly seen elsewhere. Maybe with one exception: The Gazal Al Shaqab dynasty, with which we will deal in another issue. So, it was his successful offspring that advertised Padrons Psyche as a sire. Already in 1991, Padron Psyche had his first foal crop. And while his first offspring succeeded in the show ring, an Austrian breeder observed it from afar and decided to use Padrons Psyche. This breeder was Hans Trummer, and in his stable were born Psyches Ambassador and Psynergy, both from predominantly Russian mares. While Psyches Ambassador was sold to Germany, where he achieved quite some show results, Psynergy was sold to England, where he represented the colours of Padrons Psyche. But before he left, he sired a dark bay colt - Excalibur. He. in turn, was the sire of the performance-tested "Elite"-stallion El Mariachi, bred by actress Nadeshda Brennicke. Some may remember, that El Mariachi survived an accident in his trailer with hardly a scratch, but died unfortunately about a year later for different reasons. He left some beautiful daughters who carry on his blood. The Heir to the Throne In 1995, Padrons Psyche's most well-known son was born in the USA, Magnum Psyche. His dam is the straight Spanish A Fancy Miracle and as such, the mating was a complete outcross. He was twice US National Champion Stallion (in 1998 and 2004), as well as Canadian and Padrons Immage (Padrons Psyche / Scarlet Angaell), *1994, sire of European Champions in the show ring as well as the dressage arena. Padrons Immage, Vater von Europa-Champions sowohl im Schauring als auch im Dressurviereck. Foto: Betty Finke / IN THE FOCUS © ARABISCHE PFERDE - IN THE FOCUS 1/2018 10

He is best known in his home country USA: MCA Magnum Gold (Padrons Psyche / Litique), *2000, but was also shown in Europe in 2009-2010. Er ist am besten in seinem Heimatland USA bekannt: MCA Magnum Gold - aber wurde 2009-2010 auch in Europa an Schauen gezeigt. Foto: Gudrun Waiditschka / IN THE FOCUS Argentinian National Champion. Magnum Psyche can surely be considered as the heir to the throne of Padrons Psyche. He also has so far around 1300 offspring, among them horses which are an indispensable part of the international show ring. The Psyche-typical children such as Magnum Chall or AB Magnum celebrated first and foremost their successes in the US. For Europe and the Middle East, the typey representatives were needed, such as the grey WH Justice and the dark brown (almost black) Van Gogh AM. 1/2018 - The Sire for Type First and foremost we have to mention WH Justice when we talk about a sire for type in the last few years. Due to him standing at stud in Italy, he had stamped the European show ring. And even if someone didn't want to breed show horses, he used him, because a beautiful head à la Justice could still be seen in one, two or three generations. But he is also a stallion that divided the breeders into those, who loved his type, and those who could not overlook his body, which does not have the solidity of Padrons Psyche's. However, with the right mare, he had excellent offspring, and it would go beyond the scope, to mention them all. So we will just mention a few world-known show horses, such as the eternally second-placed Ajman Moniscione (out of Anthea Moniscione), who was several times Reserve Champion at the European Championships and the All Nations Cup. Then comes the 2010 Triple Crown winner AJA Justified (out of AJA Beneja) and the Reserve-World Champion and European Champion Shanghai EA (out of Salymah EA), who in turn produced the 2014 Triple Crown winner Excalibur EA (out fo Essence of Marwan EA), who in turn sired the 2017 Junior Male Champion Alexxanderr (AR Most Irresistible). Excalibur EA is a prime example, of what kind of pedigree is successful in today's show ring: The combination of the Padrons Psyche with the Gazal Al Shaqab dynasty, especially via his son Marwan Al Shaqab - this seems to be the success formula of today's show horse breeding. The crowd pleaser Also among Padrons Psyche's first foals was Padrons Immage who was sold to France. Here, he became French National Champion and 11 worked his way up to TOP FIVE in Paris. His most well-known son is without any doubt IM Bayard Cathare, who is a crowd pleaser, wherever he appears, although he never got the highest honors, the Gold Medal in Paris. In him, you can clearly see Padrons Psyche, in his solid, strong body, his "Russian movements" but on top of all, he has a golden character! Whoever has seen the scene when the stallion was led by the little daughter of handler Frank Cibois undisturbed by the hurly-burly at Aachen or Paris when leaving the ring, will never forget it. The Dressage Cracks Apart from IM Bayard Cathare, Padrons Immage has another European Champion to his credit, although in a completely different discipline: In dressage! Padrons Must (out of Bint Pustinia), inbred to Padron, has become the Gold Medalist with his owner and rider Tove Roy from Denmark at the last European Championships for Sports Arabians. And yet another grandson of Padrons Psyche achieved the same result two years earlier: The black stallion Zonyx (Enzo / Balihs Treasure) under Signe Kirk Kristiansen from Denmark. For the show aficionados it is different Enzo son who gained much more publicity: Eden C. He has the same coat colour as his grandsire but is more refined and elegant. His biggest show ring success was Gold Supreme Champion Senior Stallion at the Las Vegas Breeder's World Cup in 2012. Two years later, he visited Europe and WH Justice founded one fo the most successful string of champions through his son Shanghai EA, his grandson Excalibur EA (pictured) and great-grandson Alexxanderr. WH Justice gründete eine der erfolgreichsten Reihe von Champions über seinen Sohn Shanghai EA, Enkel Excalibur EA (im Bild) und Urenkel Alexxanderr. Foto: Gudrun Waiditschka / IN THE FOCUS Breeding