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Arabische Pferde IN THE FOCUS 1/2018 (Vol. 13) - Leseprobe

Breeding Padrons Psyches

Breeding Padrons Psyches VAN GOGH AM *2010 a.d. Ynazia HCF MAGNUM CHALL HVP *2001, a.d. Taamara HVP MCA MAGNUM GOLD dynasty *2000, a.d. Litique Dynastie MAGNUM PSYCHE *1995 a.d. A Fancy Miracle PSYCHES AMBASSADOR *1997, a.d. Asya MG JUSTIFY *2003 a.d. Justadream AB MAGNUM *1998 a.d. Echos Love Song WH JUSTICE *1999 a.d. Vona Sher-Renea PADRONS PSYCHE *1980 (Padron / Kilika) und sein and his Einfluß in influence Europa in Europe PADRONS IMMAGE *1994 a.d. Scarlett Angaell PSYTADEL *1998 a.d. Bint Bey Shah 12 ENZO *1999 a.d. RD Bey Shahmpane PSYNERGY *2000 a.d. Balenina IM BAYARD CATHARE *2004, a.d. Sh. Bagheera PADRONS MUST *2002 a.d. Bint Pustinia ZONYX *2007 a.d. Balihs Treasure PA ENCORE *2008 a.d. Pianissima EDEN C *2011 a.d. Silken Sable SMA MAGIC ONE *2000 a.d. Majidah Bint Pacha PSYRASIC *2000 a.d. Karoba EL AMIN *2000 a.d. RA Cool Elygance EXCALIBUR *2003 a.d. Mascara © ARABISCHE PFERDE - IN THE FOCUS 1/2018 Fotos: G. Waiditschka (5), B. Finke (2), A. Mattsson (1), S. Vesty (1)

GLORIUS APAL *2007 a.d. Gloria Apal ASCOT DD *2011 a.d. Lady Nina DD SHANGHAI EA *2008, a.d. Salymah EA AJA JUSTIFIED *2007, a.d. AJA Beneja AJMAN MONISCIONE *2003, a.d. Anthea Mon. TM LANCELOT *2012 a.d. TM Laguna EXPIRIEN *2012 a.d. Ekspiracja EL MARIACHI *2011 a.d. Sharima III 1/2018 - Erläuterungen: EXCALIBUR EA *2011, a.d. Essence of Marwan JUSS PERLITO *2010, a.d. CC Edina Pearl FEUER JADE *2012 a.d. Neva Bint Volga POSEIDON OS *2013 a.d. Maryah OS ARLEKIN TERSK *2016 a.d. Appasionata Hengste, gezüchtet oder im Besitz in Europa Pferde mit Champion/Reserve-Titeln auf Weltniveau (Europa-, Welt- Championat, ANC, US Nationals, Scottsdale, etc.) Pferde mit internationalen Champion/Reserve-Titeln (A-, B-Schauen) Pferde mit nationalen Champion/ Reserve-Titeln (Nat. Championat, C-Schau) 13 ALEXXANDERR *2014, a.d. AR Most Irresistible became Gold Champion at the All Nations Cup in Aachen, while at the World Championships in Paris it was "only" Silver. All that remains is to mention Psytadel, who was sold to Belgium where he sired El Amin, World Reserve Junior Champion. Both stallions were eventually sold to Iran, where El Amin died shortly after his importation. The Daughters But of course, a stallion does not only have important sons but also beautiful daughters. This is no different for Padrons Psyche, and so we will mention a few, who - for the one or the other reason - remained in our collective memory. Among the first Padrons Psyche progeny on European soil was Focus Seneca, sold 1992 as a yearling to Shirley Watts. The filly has been shown for Halsdon Arabians and advertised her sire in Europe. More successful in the show ring was, however, Psyches Amber Gen, twice World Champion, once as Junior (1995), once as Senior (1997). Quite similar to her was WN Fawn Obsession, the World Champion mare of 2005. For German breeding Psayada Bint Psyche is worth mentioning, a broodmare at Sax Arabians, who delivered with her very first foal Psadisho Ibn Esstashan a German National Champion. As we can see, Padrons Psyche produced always good, often very good foals, and more often than not stamped his offspring, no matter the bloodlines of the mares. There are very few stallions that are so much sought after on an international level, few stallions whose offspring have influenced the breeding programs on all continents and have reigned the show ring, the way, Padrons Psyches progeny does. He himself was sold by his then owners Dixi and Robert North to Paul Ghyesens in Belgium in 2010 - it was to be his last change of location, and he spent the last seven years at Schoukens Training Center, where he enjoyed his retirement. Gudrun Waiditschka Breeding