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NOTES Colofon This catalog is printed in an ecologically responsible way. Compared to the usual printing proces, ISBC Sport saved: 1530.25 KG CO2 emissions 1224.20 cl water Max. 2,5% IPA 100% biological ink Photography: Photostique, Niels van Renen, Daphne Vermeulen en Proshots.ISBC Sport tried their best to track down all the rightful owners of the images used in this catalog. If this is not the case, please contact us by sending an e-mail to marketing@ Special thanks to: Nathan, Ilija, Perr, Driss, Ilva, Annouk, Rick, Fabiana, Deniece, Luc, Kiki, Vito, Delano, Jonathan, Nick, Lino, Ephrahim, Bjorn, Pieter, Leroy, Humaira and Max. 151647 8112 Masita headquarters Official ISBC Sport brand. Pascalweg 8 6101WV Echt (The Netherlands) Sales: +31 (0)475 429 000 Marketing: +31 (0)475 429 020 Copyright: ISBC Sport Please always check our current pricelist. 162

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