Küchenartikel individuell bedruckt


Küchenartikel wie Geschirrhandtücher und Schwammtücher mit individuellem Druck.

Your supplier of printed dish cloths and towels

- We go the extra mile

With screen printed products of highest quality, we help you to build your brand or design

profile. We are specialized in screen printing on dish cloths, kitchen towels and velour towels.

We print your individually designed product environmentally friendly with our own water

based colours.

We makes screen printing of the highest quality for a number of clients like designers, companies and

distributors. We have been in the business for over 30 years. Every year we print around 3.5 million items for

approximately 750 clients. The majority of the design and profile dish cloths on the market are printed by us

here in Sölvesborg, Sweden. We are an international company supplying Finland, Germany, France, USA,

Japan, South Korea, Australia and many other countries.

Our 2,100 square meter facility has seven fully automatic printing machines, and we do everything from final

artwork to finished product under one roof. We excel at complicated and rasterized screen printing for a variety

of textile products, and we are the only printer in Scandinavia to print up to 60x120 cm. We print on bath

towels, kitchen towels, dish cloths and much more; and we do it all with water based, environmentally friendly

colour. Each product also goes through several quality controls as it passes through our process.

Another benefit of working with us, compared to printers in the Far East, is that we print in

both small and large volume and have many products in stock. Our updated machinery and experienced staff

ensures short lead times.

Close cooperation is our goal – we are on the same team. We strive to meet your requirements and exceed your

expectations. We provide flexible integrated solutions, for example, in the areas of packaging, distribution and


Benefit from our partners

Need more products to choose from? We would like to recommend Formpress on the island of Öland, they offer

the opprotunity to print your designs or messages on serving trays, coasters, cutting boards and tray tables.

Please visit their website www.formpress.com.

We can also establish

contacts with leading

Swedish designers.

Dish cloths - For happy household work

The original since 1994. We introduced the screen printed dish cloths on the market 1994, since

then millions cloths have left our factory. This pure natural product will cheer up the kitchen work

with your unique design.

We print for among others H&M, Moomin, Lisa Larson, Nobel Peace Center, Disney, Laura Ashley, Anneko and

Galleri Ann. For us, all jobs and customer are equally important and we see ourselves as a part of your team. We can

print for you as well, be inspired!

Dish cloth 172x200 mm

70% cellulose / 30% cotton

Maximal printing area 152x180 mm

It was in 1949 that Curt Lindqvist in Norrköping invented the dish cloth. It absorbs 15 times its own weight. Since

it’s made of cellulose and cotton it is also compostable. The dish cloth has evolved during the years, from a simple

everyday product in the 50s to a design product used around the world. With your logotype, design or text the dish

cloth will be a holder of your message for a long time.

Printed with our water based and environmentally friendly colour.

Washable in dish washer and washing machine.

Art. 115 White Art. 142 Pastel pink Art. 141 Pastel green Art. 131 Pastel purple

Art. 140 Pastel yellow Art. 118 Grey Art. 116 Yellow Art. 126 Apple green

Art. 122 Red Art. 121 Blue Art. 124 Purple Art. 138 Turquoise

Art. 119 Orange Art. 120 Green Art. 139 Cerise

team. We can print this fine things for you as well, be insprired!

You design

- We print!

Dish cloth 150x258 mm

e print about 3,5 million products for some 750 customers. During the years, we printed for

rs H&M, Moomin, 70% cellulose Lisa Larson, / 30% Nobel cotton Peace Center, Disney, Laura Ashley, Anneko, Galleri Ann

hl. For us, all Maximal jobs and printing customer area are 130x238 equally important mm and we see ourselves as a part of your

n print this fine things for you as well, be insprired!

Art. 115 White Art. 136 Blue Art. 137 Grey

Dish cloth 258x303 mm

70% cellulose / 30% cotton

Maximal printing area 238x183 mm

We print environmentally friendly with our own water based colours


Art. 128 White

Art. 129 Grey

Art. 117 Yellow

Art. 132 Blue

onmentally friendly with our own water based colours


Art. 133 Red

Art. 123 Green

Art. 134 Orange

Velour towels - Strong and smooth

White, 100% cotton, 360 g/m 2

We print velour towels in many different sizes: e.g. bath towels, shower towels, guest towels and towels. Our velour

is manufactured in Turkey of 100% cotton and is certified according to ÖKO-Tex. Our specialty is detailed, complicated

printing, everything from logotypes to photos. We are also the only screenprinter in Sweden to print up to 60x120 cm.

Printed with our water based and environmentally friendly colour.

Washable in 60 degrees Celsius.

Art: Size: Maximal printing area:

114 25x25 cm 20x20 cm

113 30x50 cm 24x40 cm

112 50x70 cm 40x60 cm

110 70x140 cm 60x120 cm

111 75x150 cm 60x120 cm

Kitchen towels - Beautiful homes, lovely messages

50% linen / 50% cotton and 100% linen

Our Company provides you with a kitchen towel which will be in demand and used year after year. On this kind of

fabric we can print very detailed things. The structure gives texture and depth. Our kitchen towels are sewn and woven in

Lithuania and are available in two qualities: 100% linen and 50% linen / 50% cotton. Production this close to Sweden is

good for the environment as well as helps us cut lead times.

Printed with our water based and environmentally friendly colour.

Washable in 40 degrees Celsius.

Kitchen towel 30x50 cm

50% linen / 50% cotton

Maximal printing area 24x40 cm

Kitchen towel 30x50 cm

100% linen - unbleached

Maximal printing area 24x40 cm

Art. 232 White Art. 234 Warm grey 3 Art. 233 Black

Art. 269 Unbleached

Kitchen towel 50x70 cm

50% linen / 50% cotton

Maximal printing area 40x60 cm

Art. 109 White Art. 213 Warm grey 3

Art. 218 Cerise pms 233

Art. 217 Green pms 397 Art. 214 Red pms 1925

Art. 216 Yellow pms 110

Art. 219 Christmas red

Art. 215 Blue pms 646

Art. 212 Black

Kitchen towel 50x70 cm

100% linen - unbleached

Maximal printing area 40x60 cm

Art. 260 Unbleached

Packing, labels & distribution

We always try to find the best solution for your request and offer custom made packaging after

printing your products.

We are there for you all the way, from ideas to deliver the products the way that suits you. We give you solutions like

plastic bags, cartons, labels and banner and always looking forward for new way to pack and promote your products.

Dish cloths with banner

Kitchen towel


Labels, standard size

38x60 mm and 60x80 mm

Plastic bags for dish cloth,

kitchen towels and bath towles,

for single pack or more

Dish cloth card

with envelope

Dish cloth stands

We belive that blue is green. And so are red and yellow.

We use water based colours with minimum environmental impact. They are blended in our colour room in order to

provide the exact shade for the company logo or the exact yellow tone you imagine when you created your pattern.

For us it is simply a matter of respect - for nature and for what is important for you. Respect is an integral aspect for

creating long-term relationships with both customers and suppliers and this represents a key objective for us. This

leads to significantly improved results. And it makes our work far more interesting.

Why is our company so popular?

It may have to do with the short lead times (orders delivered within just a few weeks) and the opportunity to handle

everything from small batches to huge print runs. Or it may be because of the expertise of our staff, with their long

and broad experience in pattern processing and textile printing. Most likely, however, it comes down to the excellent

working relationship we establishes with our customers.

Your future is our future!

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