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Nightforce Catalog 2018

Nightforce Zielfernrohre, Spektive und Montagen. Produktlinie 2018.


8-32x56 YOU CAN ALMOST SEE THE FUTURE. The Major’s elk It took Major David “Elmer” Bailey 13 years to get this 340-inch bull elk. Those are the years that passed between when he saw this elk herd and when he was finally able to make his dream a reality. His NXS 8-32 x 56 allowed him to identify the huge animal and follow it in the last 30 minutes of shooting light. One shot put it down at well over 500 yards. “Your scope is awesome,” Major Bailey said. We feel the same way about his trophy. Focal plane Objective outer diameter Exit pupil diameter Field of view @100 yards/100 meters Eye relief Internal adjustment range (MOA/Mil) Click value Parallax adjustment Tube diameter Eyepiece outer diameter Overall length (in/mm) Weight (oz/g) Mounting length (in/mm) PTL (Power Throw Lever) Reticles available Illumination Elevation feature Second 65 mm 8x: 7.0 mm 32x: 1.8 mm 8x: 12.1 ft 32x: 3.1 ft 8x: 3.7 m 32x: 1 m 3.8"/98 mm e: 65 MOA w: 45 MOA e: 18 MIL-RADIAN w: 12 MIL-RADIAN .250 MOA .1 MIL-RADIAN 50 yd–∞ 1.18"/30 mm 43 mm 15.9/404 34/964 6.7/170 Accessory MOAR MOAR-T NP-2DD MIL-R MIL-DOT Analog ZeroStop® The NXS 8-32 x 56 is a highly successful combination of an ultrareliable, supremely rugged riflescope with a high-magnification target scope. It is the perfect choice for precise and repeatable engagements of targets at extreme ranges under extreme conditions. It has been the choice of dozens of winners of the most demanding, prestigious competitions in the world, including several Wimbledon Cups. The NXS 8-32 x 56 will deliver your rounds on target, no matter how far away that target might be. Derek Rodgers is the only shooter to win both the F-Open and F-TR National Championships. At the 2016 Santa Fe Trail LR Regional match in Raton, New Mexico, Derek recorded a 200-14x score for a new F-TR National Record at 1000 yards. Derek’s record-setting riflescope is a Nightforce NXS 8-32 x 56. Our congratulations to Derek! 19

SHOOTERHUNTERVARMINTER THE NIGHTFORCE SHV FAMILY OF RIFLESCOPES: HIGH PERFORMANCE, REASONABLE PRICE. In recent years, many well-known manufacturers have brought “affordable” riflescopes to the market, hoping to attract buyers to a cheaper product with a highend name attached. Many shooters have been less than thrilled with such purchases. That’s because there are only two ways to lower the cost of a riflescope. One is to reduce the quality of its glass, its components, and/or its construction. The second way is to build it more simply, with fewer options and only one basic configuration, while keeping the quality high. In developing our SHV Shooter Hunter Varminter series, we chose the second approach. As their name implies, SHV riflescopes are designed for maximum versatility across a wide range of shooting disciplines; whether you enjoy target shooting, pursuing big game, varmint shooting, or all of the above. They allow shooters on a budget to move up to Nightforce quality at a very reasonable cost. You will find that SHV riflescopes outperform many brands that cost much, much more. SHV 3-10x42 SHV 4-14x56 SHV 4-14x50 F1 SHV 5-20x56 20

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