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Redding Wiederlader Katalog 2018

Redding Wiederlade-Produkte wie Matrizen, Wiederladepressen und Pulverfüller, sowie Kalibertabellen auf einen Blick.


“COMPETITION SERIES For years reloading equipment manufacturers have produced broad range powder mea We have produced two very successful broad range powder measures; The extremely which is our most popular because of its refinements and the proven reliability of the Several years ago we began production of our first true “Competition” powder measur Its phenomenal precision and repeatability prompted engineering to create three othe within their unique range. Competition PR-50 The Precision Rifleman’s Powder Measure New ! The PR-50 powder measure represents our latest in the series of limited range “Competition” powder measures optimized with the precision rifleman in mind. The engineering target range was approx. 50-60 grains with the ideal use range extending from approx. 35 to 75 grains. This powder measure uses all of the engineering features and knowledge gained from our other Competition powder measures. Item No. 03900 Competition Model PR-50 Powder Measure . . . . . . . . $326.30 All Competition Powder Measures use a special rotating operating handle which is slightly heavier to help you maintain a more uniform stroke. Competition LR-1000 Long Range Powder Measure The popularity of large capacity cartridges like the 338 Lapua Mag. and others have pushed standard powder measures beyond their limits. Redding responded by using over 40 years of benchrest experience to develop a dedicated measure for the long range precision shooter. • Dedicated large capacity – approx. 25-140 grains. • “See thru” drop tube – accepts .30 to .45 cal. • Accepts .22 thru .30 cal with included #03814 adapter. • Extra capacity powder reservoir with adjustable baffle. • Special operating handle. ITEM NO. 03800 LR-1000 Powder Measure . . . $326.30 I have used the LR-1000 Powder Measure almost since it’s release and have found it quite simply to be the finest measure I have ever used. I was surprised to find that it is not only at home with the huge charges that go in my big British nitro double rifles; but also absolutely accurate in the mid ranges with “30-06 size” charges. It’s accuracy, fit and finish and ease of use are perfect. Ross Seyfried All “Competition” Measures share t ADJUSTABLE POWDER BAFFLE Creates exceptional charge to charge uniformity. Maintains a constant amount of powder above the metering chamber regardless of the level of powder in the reservoir. ITEM NO. 03814 Drop Tube Adapter . . . $13.95 .22 thru .30 caliber for LR-1000 Powder Measure. Simple slip-fit over existing drop tube. ITEM NO. 03815 Drop Tube Adapter . . . $13.95 .50 caliber for LR-1000 Powder Measure. Simple slip-fit over existing drop tube. ANTI-BACKLASH MICROMETER A special micrometer used in all Competition Powder Measures eliminates backlash in the screw threads. Your settings will be fast, accurate and exactly repeatable. 20

POWDER MEASURES” sures with the approach that one unit could do all things reasonably well. ell built “Classic” Model #3, time proven to last for decades, and our #3BR model 3 chassis. e, the BR-30, optimized specifically for benchrest cartridges. rs for specific shooting disciplines, each scaled to provide the utmost precision IMPORTANT Redding Powder Measures Are Not Intended For Use With Black Powder! Competition BR-30 Designed specifically for Benchrest Competition The Competition BR-30 powder measure was our first truly “Competition” model optimized for Benchrest cartridges at approx. 30 grains (hence the name BR-30). The engineering task required the creation of an entirely new drum and metering unit. This spawned the development of our unique hemispherical metering chamber resembling the bottom of a test tube. Now used on all “Competition” powder measures this design was responsible for the extraordinary accuracy and repeatability of the BR-30. ITEM NO. 03300 Competition Model BR-30 Powder Measure . . . . . $326.30 If you are a serious competitive shooter or varmint hunter and your loading requirements are generally between 10 and 50 grains . . . this is certainly the measure to choose. Shown with Optional Bench Stand and Clamp …see page 41 he following engineering features . . . MICROMETER LOCK SCREW When the micrometer adjustment screw (opposite side) is loosened to change settings, the micrometer cannot move because it is held in place by the lock screw. Nothing is left to chance. HEMISPHERICAL METERING CHAMBER A special metering chamber used in all Competition Powder Measures resembles the bottom of a “test tube” and is responsible for extraordinary accuracy and repeatability. Competition 10X Optimized for Handgun and Small Capacity Rifle Cartridges. This powder measure uses all of the special features of the Competition Model BR-30 combined with an entirely new drum and metering unit designed to provide the most uniform metering of small charge weights. To achieve the best metering possible at the targeted charge weight of approximately 10 grains, the diameter of the metering cavity was reduced and the metering plunger was given the unique hemispherical cup shape of our successful Model BR-30. The result is a very specialized small capacity powder measure with a charge weight range of approximately 1 to 25 grains. ITEM NO. 03400 Competition Model 10X Powder Measure . . . . $326.30 21

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