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Redding Wiederlader Katalog 2018

Redding Wiederlade-Produkte wie Matrizen, Wiederladepressen und Pulverfüller, sowie Kalibertabellen auf einen Blick.

The Quality of Cast Iron

The Quality of Cast Iron at The Price of Aluminum! The Boss Reloading Press This press that has all the features reloaders look for. It’s cast iron construction insures that it will last a lifetime, yet it is priced with light-duty aluminum presses! The BOSS is powerful, remarkably easy to use, and yet sensitive enough to seat primers without crushing them. Take a look at all the features The BOSS offers and you’ll be convinced…when it comes to “O” Type reloading presses, this one is truly a smart choice. ITEM NO. 72100 . . . . . . . . $234.25 Available in kit form with shellholder, and your choice of any Series “A” die set. To order, replace XXX with the last three numbers from the Series “A” dies (page 11) ITEM NO. 72XXX . . . . . $304.30. Features: • Rigid cast iron frame • 36˚ frame offset gives the best visibility and access of all comparable presses • “Smart” primer arm automatically moves in and out of position with ram travel. Priming arm is positioned where it should be… at the bottom of ram travel for the lowest leverage and best feel • Offset handle is in the most comfortable operating position yet out of the way for best access and visibility • Positive ram travel stop • Powerful compound linkage • 3 holes for rigid mounting • Accepts all standard 7/8"-14 threaded dies and universal shellholders • Shellholders may be rotated to any comfortable position desired • Includes primer catcher “My accomplishments with Redding products” — Charles Ballard • Aug. 2007 Set National Record-F-Class Open 15 shot 600 yards 149-7x (300WSM) • Aug. 2007 Set National Record-F-Class Open 15 shot 1000 yards 148-4x (300WSM) • Won 2008 North Carolina F-Class State Championship • Won 2008 NRA Long Range Regional Championship (F-Open Div.) • June 2008 Set World Record F-Class Open 20 shot 1000 yards 200-13x • Won 2008 NRA United States F-Class National Championship • Oct. 2008 Set National Record F-Class National Championship Grand Aggregate Score 1337-65x • Won 2009 NRA Long Range Regional Championship (F-Open Div.) • Won 2009 Spirit of America- Fullbore National Championship (F-Open Div.) • Won 2009 North Carolina State F-Class Championship • Won 2009 US F-Class National Championship Ball Handle Conversion Convenient, easy-to-attach conversion for those who prefer a ball handle on their reloading press. Fits the Redding BOSS and other reloading presses that use a 5/8" handle diameter. Easily attaches without machining or threading. ITEM NO. 99175 . . . . . $11.95 Extra Smart Primer Arm Assembly Quickly change primer cup & pin size by simply exchanging the entire primer arm assembly. Fits both the Boss and Ultramag Presses. ITEM NO. 99146 . . . . . $26.25 30

“The largest and strongest press available for the toughest reloading chores…” (HANDLOADER Magazine, No. 148) The Ultramag Reloading Press At a glance you will see what sets the ULTRAMAG apart from all other reloading presses: the unique location of its compound leverage system. Unlike other reloading presses which connect the linkage to the lower half of the press, the ULTRAMAG’S leverage system is connected to the top of the press frame. This allows you to develop literally tons of pressure without the usual concern about press frame deflection or misalignment. The ULTRAMAG features a huge 4-3/4” frame opening and 4-1/8” of usable ram stroke, making it ideal for loading oversized cartridges such as the old Sharps “Buffalo Cartridges” and British “Nitro-Express” rounds. Its unique long link compound leverage system has more mechanical advantage over a greater distance than any other reloading press on the market. This makes “childs play” of difficult case forming operations. ITEM NO. 70000 . . . . . . . $533.25 Available in kit form with shellholder, and your choice of any Series “A” die set. To order, replace XXX with the last three numbers from the Series “A” dies (page 11) ITEM NO. 70XXX . . . . . . $603.25 • Optional bushing for 1” - 14 die threads. ITEM NO. 70030 . . . . . . . . $27.80 “Smart Primer Arm” “Smart” primer arm automatically swings into position during the ram stroke and flips out of the way when not in use. For maximum sensitivity at the lowest possible leverage, priming is done at the end of the ram stroke. “Spent Primer Collection System” Spent primers are automatically collected in the large diameter hollow ram. They then drop into a handy flexible plastic tube that can hold hundreds of spent primers before emptying, or be easily routed to your trash container. Features: • The frame is constructed of high grade cast iron for strength, long life and wear resistance • Four mounting holes provide rigid mounting • Offset handle is out of the way for all reloading operations • All linkage pins are heat treated, precision ground and in double shear • Steel adapter bushing accepts standard 7/8"-14 threaded dies and is removable for use with oversized dies • Frame with bushing removed accepts 1-1/4" - 12 die threads • "Smart" primer arm that moves in and out of position with ram travel • “Spent primer collection system” 31

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