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Redding Wiederlader Katalog 2018

Redding Wiederlade-Produkte wie Matrizen, Wiederladepressen und Pulverfüller, sowie Kalibertabellen auf einen Blick.

Competition Bullet

Competition Bullet Seating Die for Handgun & Straight Wall Rifle Cartridges Patented System of Bullet Alignment This die features a very unique way to bias the bullet into alignment with the cartridge case. The precision fitting, spring loaded seating stem is allowed to move down into the chamber of the die, aligning the bullet and cartridge case well in advance of bullet seating. Precise alignment is then maintained as the bullet and cartridge case move upward until seating is accomplished. This Patented System assures you of the best possible bullet alignment. Micrometer Adjustment The micrometer is calibrated in .001” increments to simplify setting and recording bullet seating depth. Switching bullets and experimentation has never been easier. Separate Crimp Competition shooters know that superior reloads are produced when bullet crimping is performed as a separate operation. Therefore this no compromise die has no crimping capability. A superior crimp will be accomplished by using our “Profile Crimp” or “Taper Crimp” die. Progressive Press Compatible The industry standard 7/8 -14 threaded die bodies have been slightly extended to allow full thread engagement of the lock ring. An oversize bellmouth chamfer with smooth radius has been added to the bottom of the die to ease case and bullet entry in progressive presses. See chart for cartridge availability . . . . . . . . . . . $136.95 Micrometer Adjustable Crimping Dies Top adjusting for progressive presses with tight space constraints Redding’s new Micrometer Adjustable Crimping Dies are top adjusting to simplify making precise adjustments because any variation in case length and wall thickness both adversely affect proper adjustment. Cartridge Type Item No. 223 Remington (Non-Reversible) Taper Crimp 31111 308 Winchester (Non-Reversible) Taper Crimp 31155 38 Special / 357 Magnum Profile Crimp 31282 44 Special / 44 Magnum Profile Crimp 31286 38 Super / 9mm Taper Crimp 31271 40 S&W / 10mm Auto Taper Crimp 31253 45 ACP / 45 GAP Taper Crimp 31189 The Most Advanced Bullet Alignment Available Handgun Cartridges Cartridge Straight Wall Rifle Cartridges Cartridge U.S. Patent No. 6,244,154 Item No. 9MM Luger 55172 38 Super Auto 55271 38 Special/357 Magnum 55282 357 SIG 55434 40 S&W/10MM Auto 55253 41 Magnum 55185 44 Special/44 Magnum 55286 45 ACP & (45 GAP) 55189 45 Colt/454 Casull 55191 460 S&W Magnum 55278 500 S&W Magnum 55291 Item No. 38-40 Winchester 55366 38-55 Winchester 55365 40-65 Winchester 55465 44-40 Winchester 55188 45-70 Government 55209 Traditional Taper Crimp Die adjustment is both time consuming and imprecise due to the coarse 7/8 - 14 pitch die threads and the need to re-position the lock ring, this is especially important to users of progressive reloading presses with tight space constraints. The new Micrometer Adjustable Crimping Dies have a knurled micrometer barrel situated on the top of the die for easy access and provides approximately ± .100” of “on-thefly” adjustment in .001” increments. Versatility is enhanced on handgun dies by being able to reverse the internal crimping sleeve to accommodate two different cartridges having closely related body diameters. An example is the 38 Super and the 9mm family of cartridges. Rifle cartridges are non-reversible. See chart for cartridge availability . . . . . . . . $99.65 2

Dual Ring Carbide Sizing Die Sets The correct answer for sizing straight wall handgun cartridges. Dual Ring Carbide Sizing Dies are the correct answer to the compromise that has plagued traditional carbide dies of all manufacturers since their creation. The traditional sizing ring is required to perform double duty which it can not do. It is required to size the case sufficiently to secure the bullet (with even the thinnest brass) which all do with some success. From that point however, all traditional carbide dies resize the remainder of your cases excessively. The price of this compromise is shortened case life of your overworked brass, unsightly appearance and less than ideal chamber fit which may lead to an adverse effect on accuracy. The Redding solution is unique, incorporating two carbide rings within one sizing die. The upper ring is positioned to size only the bullet retention portion of the cartridge case while the other is configured to properly size the case body without overworking the brass. Your sized cases will not only look good and function better but brass life will increase. Since customers have been asking for Dual Ring Dies in complete sets, we are now packaging them in the same three configurations as our traditional die sets, as well as individually. See chart below for availability. Dual Ring Carbide Die Set . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $203.50 Dual Ring Pro-Series Die Set . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $222.90 Dual Ring Competition Pro-Series Die Set . . . . . $315.25 Dual Ring Carbide Sizing Die only . . . . . . . . . . . $163.25 – Tech Talk – The Dual Ring Advantage The first and most important task of traditional single ring carbide dies (of all Manufacturers) is to resize the cartridge case sufficiently to secure the bullet. Unfortunately the SAAMI specifications that control the cartridge case wall thickness have a -.006" tolerance. This requires the carbide sizing ring diameter to be designed relatively small, small enough to sufficiently resize the thinnest possible brass. This diameter then resizes the remainder of the case excessively. It becomes obvious that the two areas of concern should be resized at different diameters. This compromise has been tolerated for years by handloaders for the sake of convenience, the convenience of not lubricating cases. Our accuracy tests involving the 44 magnum @ 200 meters for Handgun Silhouette had long ago proven that our properly dimensioned steel sizing dies would always outperform traditional single ring carbide dies in the accuracy department with much better case life. Our new Dual Ring Carbide Dies are able to replicate the advantages of our steel dies without the need for lubrication. (DUAL RING) (EXP) (ST) Dual Ring Carbide Die Set (DUAL RING) (PRO ST) (DUAL RING) (COMP ST) (CR) Dual Ring Pro-Series Die Set (CR) Dual Ring Competition Pro-Series Die Set Dual Ring Dual Ring Dual Ring Dual Ring Competition Carbide Carbide Pro-Series Pro-Series Cartridge Sizer Die Die Set Die Set Die Set 38 Special 95183 01183 02183 06183 357 Magnum 95182 01182 02182 06182 40 Smith & Wesson 95272 01272 02272 06272 44 Special 95187 01187 02187 06187 44 Magnum 95186 01186 02186 06186 45 ACP 95189 01189 02189 06189 45 Colt 95191 01191 02191 06191 3

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