Decopoint Katalog Moebel + Mehr 2018


Decopoint Möbel & Mehr, Brunnenstr. 9 - 53840 Troisdorf, Tel: 02241 12 62770 - -


FORTEZZA – the name of the once most powerful fortress in Europe, and the city by the same name located in South Tyrol. Our

furniture in this series is inspired by the bronze of this bastion. Made of solid recycled wood and hand-forged iron, skilled craftsmen

recreate the elaborate detail work just like centuries ago, without the help of commonly used modern tools. The surfaces, made to look

old, transport you immediately to the past. You can almost envision history as it actually occurred 100 years ago. From over 10 different

types, you can choose the furniture that suits you, and that stand apart from the humdrum of mass produced goods.


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