Decopoint Katalog Moebel + Mehr 2018


Decopoint Möbel & Mehr, Brunnenstr. 9 - 53840 Troisdorf, Tel: 02241 12 62770 - -

JUPITER – the largest planet in the solar system is anticipated be very visible in April 2017. Until then, you can beautify your home with

our new series under the same name. From old fishing boats, houses, old doors and gates, this unique wood found in India is up cycled

with wonderful craftsmanship to create beautiful furniture that exudes warmth and comfort. Like a stroke of luck, which you find here and

there at antique markets, these beauties transform every room into a French countryside living oasis, far from the urban hustle and bustle.

Crafted with loving detail, these exquisite pieces are bound to the please and are a welcomed alternative to the often heartless and austere



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