Decopoint Katalog Moebel + Mehr 2018


Decopoint Möbel & Mehr, Brunnenstr. 9 - 53840 Troisdorf, Tel: 02241 12 62770 - -


Origin and tradition - Colonial style, country house furniture, from Indonesia. Since 1996, we have been manufacturing furniture that is

strongly influenced by people‘s way of life which, over the years, has shaped our lives, too. Our lives, too. The collection offers a glimpse

into the past when Indonesia was still under colonial rule.

Raw wood, craftsmanship without the use of modern tools - that is Romanteaka.We use recycled wood from old barns, demolished

houses, old repositories, etc. This helps to protect the environment for you and all of us. Since the colonial era, the design has been

heavily influenced by European stylistic elements. Our Romanteaka series supports local businesses and local communities who are at

the heart of the entire manufacturing process from concept to creation.


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