Decopoint Katalog Moebel + Mehr 2018


Decopoint Möbel & Mehr, Brunnenstr. 9 - 53840 Troisdorf, Tel: 02241 12 62770 - -


Sideboard 12203-01

63.0“W x 17.7“D x 33.5“H

160 x 45 x 85 cm

TV-Lowboard 12215-04

61.4“W x 17.7“D x 23.6“H

156 x 45 x 55 cm

Sideboard 12213-01

77.6“W x 18.5“D x 31.5“H

197 x 47 x 85 cm

Couchtisch/coffee table 12283-01

47.2“W x 27.6“D x 19.7“H

120 x 70 x 45 cm

Schrank/cabinet 12264-01

31.9“W x 15.7“D x 78.7“H

81 x 40 x 200 cm

Kommode/chest 12209-01

37.8“W x 17.7“D x 59.1“H

96 x 45 x 150 cm

SANUR – a seaside resort on the islands of gods (Bali) is always nice and

inspiring. That is why we gave this name to the new range made of recycled

teakwood, because the popular newer hotel resorts are frequently equipped with

this kind of furniture. The wood has mostly aged over several decades and is

therefore matured (in contrast to fresh wood). It comes mostly from demolished

houses or old huts and barns. In addition to this it is environmentally sound to

breathe a second life into these things instead of destroying them. We produce

these furniture directly in Indonesia in small workshops almost completely in

handcraft. Every piece of wood and every plane mark is a little different, so it is the

stark contrast to our mechanical perfection (and boredom) in most of the „normal“



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