Designed by nature: The rounded „Taste“ contours remind

of pebbles as can be found on a beach or bank. Bumping

and abrasion over many thousands of years have gradually

smoothed these formerly edgy rock fragments on their

way through rivers as well as in the sea and thus turned

into countless smooth, organically-rounded, asymmetrically

shaped pebbles having inspired the “Taste” design. At

a quick glance, the tableware may according to modern

standards thus possibly look a bit archaic, at second glance,

however, one notices that this is exactly the reason why

it is marvelously natural and authentic. Of course, pebbles

also set the tone in terms of color: taupe reminds of grey

granite, marron of brown quartzite and petrol of green


The nature-oriented aesthetics is brought to perfection by

not entirely even and weathered looking colored rims as

well as small color specks creating an impression of patina,

tiny cracks and traces of use thus adding character to the

dishwasher safe stoneware tableware.

With its non-conformist design focusing on the beauty of

nature and the charm of the imperfect, “Taste” is a sensestimulating

tableware. It invites to look at things beyond

a superficial perfectionism in a more subtle way in order

to recognize the appeal of the simple and natural and to

cherish the calm and harmony hidden therein.

nice to know:

Stoneware is a ceramic material with a quality level between that of

earthenware and porcelain. Unlike earthenware, stoneware is fired to full

density, its body is not porous and thus waterproof even without glaze.

In contrast to porcelain, stoneware is not transparent, has a stone white

or mussel white hue and appears more rustic altogether.

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