„I WANT I WANT NOT is a cycle of artworks about the wants and want nots of the human race; both

individually and collectively. It is human nature to want and not want, in varying degrees of longing.

To which extent do we want or not want something? Do we ever reflect on what the consequences

are, of wanting and not wanting something?

The human race is represented by the graphic hands, wanting in varying degrees reflected by the

varied tones.

In this painting, I was inspired by the 3 monkeys that see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil.

Was this a conscious or unconscious choice? Our actions are influenced by our brain and how we

think, sometimes consciously and sometimes unconsciously. What are the consequences of wanting

or not wanting to see, hear, speak, or even to think about something?

Seeing, hearing and speaking are actions that can be observed and are tangible. These are however

influenced by the thinking, which at face value, cannot be observed. Thinking therefore is intangible

and its realms are in the fourth dimension.”

I want I want not: THINK! See, Hear, Speak | Acryl auf Leinwand | 60 x 60 cm | 2020

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