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SMS Manager

Take your customer service to the next level with SMS Order

Notifications Magento Extension. you can send text notifications to

customers when their order ships and update them with tracking

information. Select whether you want to notify the phone number

associated with the billing or shipping address or both if they are

different from each other. This extension comes with an ability to send

notifications to customers phone number.


Update administrators when new orders come in to ensure a faster

response time for customers. Administrative notification can be set to

include total order along with order number.

SMS Order Notifications Magento Extension is fully multi-store and

translation compliant, allowing you to set custom notification

messages for each store and language.This extension allows you to

send SMS to your customers and/or yourself over the reach of SMS


Major Key Features

Store owner can add event which will trigger sending SMS message

on each stage of product purchase and delivery.

Store owner can see what message sent on what date

User can filter dates like today, this week, this month, custom to

retrieve logs

Store owner can maintain and generate queue for non-delivered


Store owner can send bulk message who opted for Special offer while


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