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Le Corbusier 1963

“Our eyes are made to see forms

in light; light and shade reveal

these forms; cubes, cones, spheres,

cylinders or pyramids are the great

primary forms which light reveals

to advantage; the image of these

is distinct and tangible within us

without ambiguity. It is for this

reason that these are beautiful forms,

the most beautiful forms”.

Le Corbusier designed the Parliament lamp for the Chandigarh Parliament in India.

Floor lamp, double adjustable emission, in painted aluminum with diffusers in matt black

and yellow, white and grey or matt black and red. Whitewash internal diffusers. Stem

matt grey.

Parliament è stata progettata da Le Corbusier per il Chandigarh Parliament in India.

E’ una lampada da terra orientabile a doppia emissione, in alluminio verniciato con

diffusori nero opaco e giallo, nero opaco e rosso o bianco e grigio. Diffusori interni

bianco calce. Asta in grigio opaco.

Parliament a été conçu par Le Corbusier pour La Haute Cour de Chandigarh, Inde.

Lampadaire orientable à double émission, en aluminum laqué avec diffuseurs noir mat

et jaune, noir mat et rouge ou blanc et gris. ​L’intérieur des diffuseurs en blanc chaux.

Tige gris mat.

Parliament black / red

Die Parliament wurde von Le Corbusier für das Chandigarh Parliament in Indien

entworfen. Stehleuchte orientierbar und mit doppeltem Lichtaustritt, aus lackiertem

Aluminium mit Diffusoren in matt schwarz und gelb, matt schwarz und grau und in der

neuen Version matt schwarz und rot. Diffusoren innen kalbweiß, Schaft in matt grau.

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