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Tagesaktuell! International! Exklusiv! Groß(form) - next!-Community

,8 %

The trade visitors read the electronics

trade journals of the official media

partners regularly. So why not

combine editorial know-how for the

publication of the new embedded


embedded world

visitors´ survey 2011:

Which of the electronics trade

journals do you read on a

regular basis?

36,7 %

34,8 %

48,3 %

...it‘s a smarter world

Base: 319

Source: Visitors of the embedded world 2011,

conducted by Gelszus Messe-Marktforschung

GmbH on behalf of NürnbergMesse

62,1 %

embedded world


The electronics media of WEKA FACHMEDIEN are

very popular within the embedded community

and are also regularly read by the trade visitors

of the embedded world in Nuremberg. WEKA

FACHMEDIEN has been committed to the concept

of the successful trade show embedded world

right from the beginning. On the occasion of

the 10th anniversary of the embedded event in

2012, the first issue of the show daily “embedded

world THE OFFICIAL DAILY” is published for the

first time by the official media partners of the

embedded world.

The comprehensive show daily, published by the official media partners

of the embedded world

Everyone, who has already attended the embedded world, knows about the value of the media partners

„Elektronik“, „Markt&Technik“, „DESIGN&ELEKTRONIK“ and „Computer&AUTOMATION“ for trade

visitors and as an advertising medium for the successful exhibitor. The editorial teams of „Elektronik“,

„Markt&Technik“, „DESIGN&ELEKTRONIK“ and „Computer&AUTOMATION“ combine their expertise to

inform the qualified trade audience about the latest news around the embedded world.


21,000 copies!

Exclusive circulation

during the trade show!

The embedded world


published on all three

days during the trade


Exclusive circulation to the embedded

world trade visitors

The official media partners are able to guarantee a

circulation that is achieved by no one else during the

trade show.

THE OFFICIAL DAILY is omnipresent during the

embedded world with a total circulation of 21,000

copies – ideally, your customers can find your

advertisement in there.

International sales approach and

boundless advertising success!

The OFFICIAL DAILY also offers an English section

for all international visitors and exhibitors. The

best way to boundless advertising success!

Tabloid format!

The OFFICIAL DAILY is published in a large

tabloid format: 280 millimeters horizontal

and 380 millimeters vertical. Like this, your

advertisement is really noticed by your

customers and looks brilliant(ly sized).

Along with embedded world THE OFFICIAL DAILY, the official media

partners publish the following issues about the embedded world 2012:

issue date of


ad closing


MEDIZIN+elektronik 1/2012 Feb. 2nd , 2012 Jan. 5th , 2012

DESIGN&ELEKTRONIK 1/2012 Feb. 13th , 2012 Jan. 17th , 2012

Elektronik automotive 2/2012 Feb. 14th , 2012 Jan. 24th , 2012

Computer&AUTOMATION 2/2012 Feb. 15th , 2012 Jan. 24th , 2012

ENERGIE&TECHNIK 1/2012 Feb 23rd , 2012 Jan. 30th , 2012

Elektronik 4/2012 Feb. 21st , 2012 Jan 31st , 2012

Markt&Technik 7/2012 trade show guide Feb. 17th , 2012 Feb. 3rd , 2012

Elektronik special issue power Feb. 28th , 2012 Feb. 7th , 2012

Markt&Technik 8/2012 trade show issue Feb. 24th , 2012 Feb. 10th , 2012

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