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Postgraduate Center

Postgraduate Center


30 WEITERFÜHRENDE LINKS POSTGRADUATE 2012/2013 SPRACHVORBEREITUNG Ausführliche Informationen zum TOEFL Die wichtigsten Informationen zu GMAT auf einen Blick Vorbereitung auf den GMAT, Informationen Informationen zu verschiedene Tests sowie zu den Anmeldeformalitäten Vorbereitungsmaterialien für den TOEFL, GMAT etc. Infos zu standardisierten Tests für alle jene, die sich auf ein Studium in den USA vorbereiten wollen gibt es über die Homepage der Fulbright Commission LL.M. Datenbank und umfassende Informationen zu LL.M. Programmen weltweit LL.M.-Programme weltweit Informationen zum LL.M. allgemein und zu Programmen in Europa und Übersee KUNST Internationaler Informationsdienst für Kultur und Management, inklusive Ausbildungsführer und Stellenmarkt MESSEN allgemeine Informationen zu MBA, MBA World Tour, Programme, Rankings, GMAT, World MBA Tour Informationen zu MBA Events und Messen MBA Global full-time MBA Rankings 2011 Informationsportal zum MBA Studium, News, Links & Studiengänge Akkreditierte MBAs in Österreich Tipps und Informationen zur Auswahl eines MBA- Programmes; Datenbank für den deutschsprachigen Raum, Erfahrungsberichte, Tipps zur Vorbereitung auf TOEFL und GMAT sowie zur erfolgreichen Bewerbung für ein MBA-Programm Berufs- und Wirtschaftsverband für MBAs in Deutschland Ausführliche Informationen über MBA-Programme und den GMAT Top Ten MBA Schools 2011, MBA-Datenbank weltweit Online Ressource von deutschsprachigen MBAs die an Top-US Unis studiert haben MBA Programme weltweit MBA Wiki mit: Programmtypen, Rankings, Finanzierung, Tipps studieren weltweit Vereinigung von Business Schools in GB Globale Organisation für Managemententwicklung

POSTGRADUATE 2012/2013 ALUMNI-INTERVIEW Alumni-Interview What was your motivation to attend an LL.M. program at the UCLA LAW School? My motivation to attend the UCLA School of Law LL.M. Program was to learn and experience the law, leadership, diverse cultures and perspectives, and to pursue scholarship at another world class institution. In addition to opening many doors to a great future, this fantastic program and experience refined my skills to passionately help resolve global issues, do business in the Asian Pacific Rim and internationally, contribute to the community, and make a difference in others’ lives. What criteria were decisive in choosing this program? My decision to enroll in this program was based on several factors, including: UCLA Law’s track record and location, the distinction of the faculty and professors’ numerous areas of specialization, the diverse course offerings, the innovative intersectionality research and development both in commercial law and public policy, and the opportunity to participate in a global community. Could you establish an international professional network at UCLA? How did you experience the international environment at the University? At UCLA Law, I served as a Board Member and Editor of the Journal of International Law & Foreign Affairs and Asian Pacific American Law Journal, was an active member in many student associations, and met and networked with a diverse and inspiring group of peers. As an international student and citizen, I felt comfortable at UCLA and was inspired to take on several leadership roles thereafter. As an appointed regional alumni representative for the UCLA Law LL.M. Pro- Pauline Truong ’05 Ascendo International International Advisor for Well Known Public Figures Country: Australia gram for Los Angeles and Australia, I organize professional events and help develop global strategies to build a strong international UCLA Law LL.M. network, promote the program, and expand career opportunities for its graduates. This extensive network proves to be invaluable in my work, an integral part of my life, and has expanded my horizons immensely. In which sense did the graduation at UCLA Law School change your professional life? I am honored to have UCLA Law as my alma mater, as it has opened up many opportunities for me and has truly transformed my professional life. The affiliation with another world-class institution and alumni network, and my long-term experience outside of my Australian and Asian Pacific Rim jurisdictions better equipped me to resolve global issues, give back to the community, and mentor young lawyers. How did you finance the program? As a recipient of the Justice Lionel Murphy International Postgraduate Fellowship Award in Australia, and many other awards, I was very fortunate that my tuition fees were essentially covered. I also had personal savings from my practice as an international lawyer to use for travel and other expenses. Do you have any tips for future LL.M. students? Visit the law school and meet with professors prior to applying, if possible. Apply for scholarships and awards to help finance your postgraduate studies. Attend the program with a sense of post-LL.M. graduation plans. Choose the right subjects and study hard. Participate and take advantage of the opportunities available to you. Have fun, network well, and aim to have a comfortable budget! 31

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