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Dr. Andreas Laabs, CEO LR

Health & Beauty SE

Marc T. Tümmers, HAKA Kunz

GmbH Geschäftsführer:

HAKA investiert über

750.000 Euro in die


Michael Winter, proWIN


Das Erfolgskonzept der

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Sascha Gamper,

PM General Manager

Sales South Europe:

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The first 100 days are a time of testing

for every new boss. After all,

it‘s a matter of meeting the expectations

of colleagues, employees,

partners and, ultimately, of oneself.

This was also the experience

of Dr. Andreas Laabs: on May 27,

2022, he assumed the role of the

new Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

of LR Health & Beauty SE, with the

management responsibility for the

entire LR Group.

Getting to know the company in

the famous first 100 days was

not something Andreas Laabs had to

claim for himself. After all, the

Hamburg native had already been

CFO and COO of LR Global Holding

GmbH for eight years before becoming

CEO. Accordingly, the

people and business units of the

company, which was founded in 1985

and is now one of the leading digital

social selling companies in the field

of high-quality health and care products,

are anything but foreign to


In terms of products, LR has made a

name for itself with its cutting-edge

technologies, high-quality ingredients

and formulas. The

top brands LR ALOE VIA, LR


stand for timeless beauty,

more health and more

power - in short: More

quality for your life..

LR stands for Health

Health is more than just a

business. It means one

thing above all: well-being.

With strong brands like LR LIFE-

TAKT, LR, as one of the major European

manufacturing companies,

bundles first-class nutritional supplements

into individual solutions. To

achieve this, LR combines the best of

nature and science - confirmed by

renowned testing institutes and

tailored to the demanding national

and international sales partners and


Dr. Andreas Laabs

CEO LR Health & Beauty SE


stands for


Beauty is not a matter of chance.

Through the use of modern technologies

and high-quality ingredients

LR sets standards. This is what

makes the extensive product portfolio

in the area of face and body care so

popular. Whether young or old - the

LR product variety offers the right

thing for everyone.

LR stands for safe production

LR has more than 20 years of

expertise in the field of

Aloe Vera Drinking Gels.

The high standard of the

products already begins

with the cultivation of

the plant in Mexico.

The crop grows in arid

regions on barren

farmland and provides

and provides communities

in economically depressed

areas with a livelihood.. Cultivation

is based on strictly controlled

quality criteria.

After harvesting, the pure aloe vera

leaf fillet is extracted from the aloe

vera leaves in a complex testing

process. In the state-of-the-art LR

production facility in Ahlen, the valuable

inside of the leaf is then gently processed

into the versatile Aloe Vera

Drinking Gel. In the process, every

step of production - from the cultivation

of the plant to the delivery of

the finished product - is strictly tested

by independent institutes. For all

Aloe Vera products from LR, only

the Aloe Barbadensis Miller is used.

LR stands for Social Selling

As a modern social selling platform,

the company combines personal

exchange in its community with

efficient, digital solutions. This expertise

is particularly evident in LR‘s

self-developed „LR Connect“ app,

which helps the community build

and develop its business. The community,

which often acts as microinfluencers,

is young, flexible and

increasingly uses social media as a

sales platform.

Network-Karriere Editor Bernd

Seitz in conversation with LR CEO

Dr. Andreas Laabs.

NK: Dr. Laabs, our career paths are

similar. We both come from large

media houses and then, without

knowing much about direct sales,

we landed in this industry and

really caught fire. What excites

you most about direct sales?



Dr. Andreas Laabs: I‘m fascinated by

helping people to develop and seize

opportunities. With us, they have the

opportunity to contribute something

to their family income with the fantastic

LR products and the easyto-duplicate

LR business model, or

to build up their own sustainable

livelihood full-time without a huge

financial commitment. The need to

enable many people to have a parttime

job will increase quite significantly

in the coming months and years.

NK: Is the point of „further development“

also one that is reflected in LR‘s

goals and values, i.e. the corporate


Dr. Andreas Laabs: Absolutely. Our

goal is to improve the lives of our sales

partners and customers. We want to

give our partners a plus in quality of

life, the so-called „more“: diverse

career and influencer opportunities,

more personal freedom, and more

financial development opportunities.

We have developed many successful

careers in the last six months, not only

at entry levels, but also at the top

partner level. By developing their

teams, these partners have also

grown their personal and business

environments to the point where

they‘ve achieved sustainable financial


NK: Usually with new leadership

comes a new corporate direction.

What are your plans for the future

of LR?

Dr. Andreas Laabs: I am in a new

position, but I have already been

able to contribute to and implement

some positive changes in the past

eight years as part of the management

team. The vision of enabling people

to lead healthy and successful lives

remains unchanged. At the same

time, the topic of growth is increasingly

taking precedence over everything

else. For our partnership, we are continuously

developing innovative product

concepts that support business

growth. The new Zeitgard Pro Cosmetic

Device, the most successful

launch ever in the company‘s history,

is currently enjoying great sales success.

Zeitgard Pro has also been nominated

for the German Design Award

2023. That‘s great! For the future, my

focus is on internationalization and

digitization. In doing so, I am counting

on increased cooperation with our

most successful sales partners


NK: What does that mean in concrete


Dr. Andreas Laabs: I have launched a

new, international event format in Ahlen,

which has already taken place twice

this year. At these Top Leader events,

we pick up our most successful partners

from various countries to discuss

important topics such as new products

and new sales initiatives. We

also want the partners to feel the size

of our company and have the opportunity

to share successful ways of

working with other LR distributors.

Even though expansion into further

markets, especially in Asia, is relevant

for us, I still see great potential in all

existing LR markets in Europe.

NK: Speaking of existing markets

and company performance, how

has the war in Ukraine actually affected

LR‘s business? What will

happen there now?

Dr. Andreas Laabs: February 24, 2022,

and the subsequent situation in Ukraine

were a shock for all of us. Unfortunately,

due to the war, we had to close our

LR business there until the end

of April 2022. The safety of our

employees, as well as that of our sales

partners, was and remains our top

priority at all times. At the request of

our employees and partners, we resumed

business in Ukraine in May. It

is important for them to generate

their own income and thus also contribute

to the reconstruction of their

country. Especially when the situation

in a country is difficult, we are not one

of those companies that simply leave

the country. On the contrary, we invest

in our sales partners - even when

they are unable to pursue their LR

activities because of the war. For

example, since the beginning of this

war, we have been paying our sales

partners in Ukraine their lost bonuses

every month and also enabled them




to attend partner meetings in other

countries. We see this as our obligation,

this is what we understand by LR

partnership in action.

NK: All respect! There are probably

very few companies in the war zones

that think and act like this -

especially at a time when the

energy crisis is creating further

challenges. How is LR dealing

with the energy crisis?

Dr. Andreas Laabs: We prepared

ourselves at an early stage for the

challenging energy situation in

Germany. As a manufacturing company,

we didn‘t hesitate for a second.

This included both the testing of processes

and the search for alternatives

for technical equipment that has

been operated via gas to date. To

further secure the power supply, we

also rely on renewable energies and

have just installed a new energy park.

The project includes around 3,200

photovoltaic panels with a capacity

of 1,200 kWh/peak on the roofs of

our logistics halls and aloe vera production.

The photovoltaic system will

go into operation on January 1, 2023.

NK: Now we‘ve talked a lot about

values, the Ukraine war and the

energy crisis, but not yet about

LR‘s product-side development.

What‘s the way forward here? To

what extent will LR continue to

manufacture and sell fragrances

in the future?

Dr. Andreas Laabs: LR has grown up

with fragrances. They will continue to

be a relevant product segment for

us. In terms of cooperation with

celebrities, we are focusing on

working with Guido Maria Kretschmer,

Bruce Willis and his wife. In

addition, our product philosophy in

the fragrance segment is to regularly

offer limited-edition fragrances, for

example for Valentine‘s Day or Christmas.

We will not deviate from this in

the future. And in Health & Beauty,

our main business, we are also

aiming for new products that demonstrate



strength. We are already

working on these at full speed.

NK: Finally, I would be interested to

know what your general outlook is

for LR, possibly even the entire direct

selling industry?

LR CEO Dr. Andreas Laabs with Thomas Heursen, General

Manager Global Partner Relations, LR Health & Beauty SE

Dr. Andreas Laabs: The importance

of our business model will continue

to grow, because the high costs for

households are bringing about an increased

need for additional income

throughout Europe. Our business

model is right on target in the current

period of high inflation. In addition, it

is already evident that sales partners

who use digital ways of working via

social media develop their careers

faster and are also more successful

in attracting new partners.

Nevertheless, business will not be

exclusively digital in the future. Quite

the opposite: the „one to one“, i.e. the

direct, personal exchange, will

remain indispensable for the

sustainable relationship building

in the respective teams..


LR Health & Beauty launches a new beauty era with the new ZEITGARD PRO COSMETIC DEVICE.

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