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2011 (pdf, 4 MB) - Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf

2011 (pdf, 4 MB) - Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf

Arbeits- und

Arbeits- und Forschungsbericht 2011 und Planung 2012 The continuing qualification of the employees remains a high priority: the qualification of inspectors of health provision and of food, the training of inspectors in the EU training program “ShipSan“ and the qualification of a port doctor as a specialist in occupational medicine are noteworthy examples of this commitment. Projects 2010-2011 Major Activities and Results Expansion of Core Capacities at the Port and Airport in Accord with the WHO International Health Regulations Quality Targets according to ISO DIN EN 9001:2008 Implementation of the New Drinking Water Regulations for Ships with AG Maritime Medicine Monitoring the Medical Equipment Inventories of Cruise Ships in the Hamburg Port with the BG Verkehr (Statutory Accident Insurance for Traffic and Transport); and Office of Consumer Protection, Ministry of Health and Consumer Protection, Hamburg The International Health Regulations 2005 are a social contract for the prevention of the spread of hazards to health, their implementation requires federal ratification of the necessary measures. Status 2011 • Participation as advisers to WHO Lyons on the ”Assessment Tool Core Capacities“ • Participation in the expert report of the Robert Koch Institute on core capacities at airports (completion 2011) • Completion of the report for Hamburg Airport • Harmonisation of the perspectives and opinions of the AkKü in respect of the International Health Regulations Plan 2012 • Participation in the expert recommendations concerning “Core capacities in Shipping arising from the International Health Regulations“ • Implementation of these core capacities in the Hamburg port • Participation in the recommendations of the Akkü Status 2011 • Providing advice about and positioning on planned and draft regulations • Initiation of a consultation process in the federal coastal states about a “Recommendations Statement“ from the Akkü Plan 2012 • Compilation of recommendations statement from the Port and Airport Medical Services, canvassing the federal states • Information meeting for the employers • Accompanying publication • Implementation in the HPHC The Hamburg Port Health Centre is responsible for conformity to the Infection Protection Act (Infektionsschutzgesetz, IfSG), the Drinking Water Regulations (Trinkwasserverordnung, TwV), the International Health Regulations (Internationalen Gesundheitsvorschriften, IHR) and the Ship Healthcare Regulation (Schiffskrankenfürsorgeverordnung, SchKfV) on ships in the Hamburg port. Conformity to the regulations governing the use of medical equipment and supplies on board and the hygiene provisions are also part of the mandate of the Hamburg Port Health Centre. A combined inspection under the auspices of the Medical Devices Operator Ordinance and department for consumer protection of the Ministry of Health and Consumer Protection, Hamburg is performed on all cruise ships entering the port of Hamburg. Unlike for merchant vessels, the hospital facilities on cruise ships must include defibrillators, infusion pumps, ventilators, blood pressure monitors, blood glucose meters, etc. and they must be prepared, stored and operated in a hygienic manner. Specific requirements include the proper handling, performance and documentation of health and safety controls, the quality assurance of medical laboratory tests and appropriate hygiene in the operation of medical devices. The emphasis on cruise ships has arisen from their growing commercial importance and because of the increasing number of passengers who have to be treated on board a ship (sometimes even including elective or cosmetic surgery). There is much systematic knowledge to be gained from implementing the existing requirements in this area, as well as providing assurance to the patients, operators and third parties. Status 2011 • “Pilot inspection“ between the HPHC and Office of Consumer Protection, Ministry of Health and Consumer Protection Hamburg was successful • Ship Sanitation Committee of the German Federal States: information in November 75

Working and Research Activities 2011 and Plans 2012 ShipSan TrainNet Project financed by EU, directed by Prof. Dr. C. Hadjichritodoulou, University Thessaloa, Prof. Dr. J. Kremastinou, National School of Public Health, Greece with AG Maritime Medicine Research Compilation of Public Health Measures at Points of Entry during Pandemic A(H1N1) 2009 directed by the WHO HQ Lyons with AG Maritime Medicine and Centers for Disease Control (CDC), USA externally financed Epidemiological Evaluation of Ship Illness Log Books with Prof. Burchard, UKE / Bernhard-Nocht Institute and AG Maritime Medicine 2011 Plan 2012 Selection and combined inspection of the medical facilities on board 15 German cruise ships with an expected predominance of German passengers (Q2/Q3 2012). Evaluation of the inspection and reformulation of priorities as required, with information communicated to the Association of German Ship Operators (VDR) and its eventual publication ShipSanTrainNet is the implementation phase for the recommendations formulated in 2008 arising from the ShipSan project, with the participation of 18 EU countries, 4 EUROMED countries (Israel, Jordanien, Libanon, Türkei), WHO, IMO, US CDC/VSP, the Cruise Lines International Association and various ship operators Status 2011 • Completion of the “ShipSan TrainNET Inspection Manuals“ for the current and prospective training programmes of hygiene inspectors for ship operators and seafaring countries under the direction of the HPHC • Co-authorship on numerous international publications pertaining to the ShipSan and ShipSan TrainNet projects • Co-development and implementation of a training programme for shipping hygiene inspectors • Participation in the work package “European Database“ • Publisher of the ShipSanTrainNet newsletter • Completion of the project in October 2011 • Preparation of the JOINT ACTION 2012-2014 Plan 2012 • Collaborative partner in the JOINT ACTION Community Action in the Field of Health • ”Impact of Health Threats on Maritime Transport “ • Becoming responsible for Work Package 9: “Maritime Labour Convention“ and „Inland Navigation Vessels“ Comparison of international safety measures introduced by Health Ministries, the maritime industry, airport authorities and the airlines at ports, airports and border control points during the influenza A H1N1 pandemic of 2009 Status 2011 • Formulation of the enquiry process in cooperation with WHO, CDC, ACI, IATA, ISF, CLIA and others • Establishment of a database • Evaluation of the results and their presentation at an international WHO workshop in Lyons 12/2009, publication of the initial results in “Weekly epidemiological record“ and their presentation at a meeting of the Global Influenza Programme in Tunisia • Publication of the data obtained for ships in “International Maritime Health“ with the CDC and WHO • Publication of the air transport data is in preparation Plan 2012 Project completion in 2012 Status 2011 • Retrospective analyses of 49 illness log books from ships under the German flag from 2000 to 2008. • Publication in the “Journal of Travel Medicine“ • Implementation of a database for estimating the potential morbidity, mortality and needs of the onboard pharmacy; database planning Plan 2012 76

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